May 21, 2012

Top 5 Performances Of American Idol Season 11

There really was so much talent on this season's American Idol. Do I think the true top two made it to the finale? Not so much...But, I think both are very talented in their own ways. There were so many great performances from this season, so I thought I'd pick out my top 5 from my favorite contestants. I think these are the moments they really shined as performers and artists!

5. Disease- Philip Phillips

4. The Show Must Go On-Skylar Laine

3. Vienna-Elise Testone

2. River Deep, Mountain High-Hollie Cavanagh

1. Everything-Colton Dixon


Phillip and Elise-"Somebody That I Used To Know"

Skylar and Colton-"Islands In The Stream"

Favorite guest/Idol alum performance:
Carrie Underwood-"Blown Away"

This should have been the top 4! America, you really screwed up. Or maybe it wasn't America's fault after all?
That's all for now,
Shelby <3

P.S-a full review of what happened at Idol will be up Wednesday or Thursday!

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