May 6, 2012

American Idol

I haven't been posting as much about American Idol as I would like, but I'm gonna try to with the next few weeks. We're really getting down to the wire in the competition, and to be honest this is not the top 5 I had seen in my head or would've imagined. I'm SO into this season now. I realized that it just takes time getting warmed up to the contestants, some just take longer than others. But, now that I'm into it, I see just how much talent there is and how much I really like at least 8 of the 11 that are on.

Anyway, it was British pop/60s theme this week. They've had such off the wall choices and the ones where they've mixed and matched just don't seem to go, but at least they're a little bit different than the usual choices. I think Hollie did an incredible job with Bleeding Love and River Deep (Mountain High). That song has been done so many times in the industry, but she really owned it and the stage. I think she's starting to show her personality more and she's already such a likable girl, that this is going to gain her even more success. She is the most underrated, and people got sick of hearing the judges bash her every week, so they're doing something about it. I have a feeling that not only is she going to make it to the finale, but is going to take the the title as the next American Idol. Joshua also had a strong week, even though I'm not always necessarily crazy about his style. The fact that he did such an amazing job on the second song he sang, never having heard it, shows how musically gifted he is. He sang it with such emotion and feeling! Skylar is one heck of a performer, and even though I don't think she's the best vocally, but she works that stage and just brings such a joy to it. I absolutely love her as a person and thinks she's just so endearing and charming. To me, Jessica hasn't gotten any better...if anything, she's lost her zest since the "saved" card event took place. She has a great voice, there's no denying that. But, I don't think she's as good as the judges go on and on and on about. I think people are noticing that. And Phillip is good, but he's not really stepping anything up either. I think he seems cool as a person, but there just doesn't seem to be much to his performing or anything.
Obviously, I voted hardcore for Hollie and I encouraged everyone to do the same.

I was extremely surprised to see that Skylar was voted off. I was actually in the drive-thru at Starbucks with my friend, getting ready to see The Avengers, when I decided to look at Twitter to see who went home. I was so sad, I actually almost teared up. I can't wait to see what Skylar does, I know she'll be welcomed in the country world with no problem.
I'm really shocked at who's left. I didn't think it would come down to these four. I thought it would be Colton, Hollie, Skylar and Joshua. I'm actually surprised that Jessica is still there. Something tells me that if it gets down to Joshua and Jessica in the finale, that this entire competition is seriously rigged, because that's who the judges have been pulling for this entire time. But, we still have two enough about that.

Idol Extras:
This week, I got a re-tweet from Skylar and a tweet from Hollie. Skylar was posting several lyrics that were a little sad, so people were tweeting encouraging messages. I joined and she re-tweeted it and I was SO excited! :D
Hollie is usually up late, either answering random questions here and there or actually doing a Twitter party. I saw that she had answered one of my friends, so I decided to throw a few questions out there, and she answered me back again!!!!! I love her <3
My mom and I also went to Kohl's to check out the American Idol line. I found a few things that I thought were cute, but it is way too overpriced, even on sale!

Can I just say...I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL?! I don't like the judges, and I don't always like the way the producers run things or have changed it over the years. But, I love that it's about the American dream and making people believe in themselves and each other again. I love the contestants. Most of the major people that I look up to today in the industry and in general have come from this show and I am so thankful for that and for all the friendships I've made because of that. :)

If you're a big idol fan, you should check out the website. There are a ton of great behind the scenes video of the show itself and of the contestants. I love that you can see more of their personalities!

That's all for now,
Shelby <3

And remember....VOTE,VOTE, VOTE this week!

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