May 10, 2012

Idol Connections

So, this year I found out that I sort of have a couple links to two of the contestants on this season of American Idol. While I was out of town, I guess they ran this news story in our city about Colton Dixon having some relatives from here. My mom was texting me keeping me updated on it. It turns out his aunt and uncle just live in a town not too far from here and is still considered to be in the same county! I was hoping they would actually live here in town, but maybe for whatever reason he'll end up here someday ;)

Here's the link to the news segment they ran:

The next connection I found out about was Phillip Phillips! My dad has some relatives that are actually from his hometown. I guess they've talked to him when he's played at the restaurants back there and that he's a really nice guy. Some of their friends are either just really close with him or they're related. I thought that was really cool! They're really pulling for him back there. And I'm definitely pulling for him and Hollie in the finale! We'll see how things go!

That's all for now,

Do you guys have any idol connections from this season or season's past? Share them with me on Twitter or in the comments below if you do! I'd love to hear them!

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