May 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye Is Never An Easy Thing

"Each new beginning came from some other beginning's end."

I don't like goodbye's and I don't like endings. A few examples of goodbyes: graduation, death, family leaving from a visit, or saying goodbye to a new place that has come to mean so much to you. A few examples of endings: moving on to college after high school, the ending of a friendship, the ending of a relationship, when you finish this book that you've fallen in love with, that moment when the credits roll in a movie and you walk out of the theater, or when your favorite TV show that has been there for you as long as you can remember gets canceled. 

Maybe it's not the ending I hate so much as I hate not knowing what comes next. I get so comfortable with a certain scenery, a certain group of people...and if I haven't said it before...I'm not a big fan of change. In certain cases, I love the occasional surprise and when I do something out of the ordinary. 
 But, when it comes to life changing decisions and one door closes, another opens, I want to know what I'm walking into. I want to know who's going to be there, what I'm going to be thrown into. 

As I helped my friend in her classroom today, I thought about that. I thought about the kids who are finishing up this school year in a couple weeks and getting ready to move to another grade. I thought about how I always hated saying goodbye to my friends and all the memories we'd made, even though I was so excited for summer. I hate saying goodbye to family members when they come out to stay for awhile. I hate saying goodbye when I've worked with a group of people for a concert or play. I hate when another season of American Idol comes to a close and the following year comes around and I have to get used to them again. You miss those memories of how it used to be and what it used to feel like. 

This is where I start to contradict myself. If we never take a chance, we'd never have those memories in the first place. So, doors open when they're supposed to and people come and go in your life for a reason. When one chapter of your life gets filled up, just start writing down the journey of the next chapter. Make it so wonderful that everyone would want to read it.

That's all for now,
Shelby <3

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