February 3, 2012

Inspiration For The Day-Garden Tea Party Ideas

Alright, so while my mom and I were out about enjoying our nice day at an outdoor shopping mall...all of a sudden, this idea hit me that I wanted to have a garden party! I want to get all dressed up, drink tea, eat finger sandwiches, and just have leisure talk like you see on all those reality shows (think Housewives of Beverly Hills). I immediately text Hillary about it, and she was all for it, since she's the party planner of the group and I'm into it as well. The two of us brainstormed a little and are extremely excited for spring now!
I decided to look up a few ideas on trusty old Google just to look at color schemes and all that! :) I'm so ready for warmer weather. Everything is so much more cheerful!

Dress ideas :)

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