January 30, 2012

The Weekend

Saturday, I had made plans with friends to go to a jean party and to get together for a movie night at Ceci's new place, but things changed a little. I ended up going to LA for the day with my parents. We went to Dodger Stadium to pick out new seats for our season tickets, which got me really excited about it starting back up again! I can't wait to be at the games; it's seriously one of the best places to hang out :) We went to lunch at Jerry's Deli after, which was delicious. And then we were at a loss of what to do next, so we drove around for awhile. We ended up at Millions of Milkshakes, and then went to Universal CityWalk. I had no clue it got so busy, but it does for sure! It was such a beautiful, perfect LA day. There's something just so inspiring driving down the street there, listening to music and daydreaming about what the future holds. In fact, as we were driving around, all of a sudden I got this idea that I want to travel around the world or even just the US and write, whether it's reviews or a book or covering a specific event...I feel like that would just be an amazing job to have! I wanna see the world, and go outside of my comfort zone, rather than just staying in this little bubble I've been in my entire life. I want to see other lifestyles and people and reach out to them; hear their stories!

Sunday was an early morning to get up for. I was singing with the choir at church, and we always meet at 7:30. We ran through our songs once and had a few minutes to kill before the first service started, so we just walked around and chatted with a few people we knew. The services went great; God never ceases to amaze me. Every time my mind is filled with doubt and worry, or is just distracted with so many outside things, He brings me back to Him and reminds me to have patience. I know He knows what's best, even if I don't necessarily understand it. In between the second and third services, the Young Adults worship team met to go over the songs we'll be singing on Wednesday. It went really good! I could seriously feel God's love running through me as we sang; just knowing and expecting BIG things for Wednesday night. After church, I went to lunch with my parents at Outback. It was so good as always! The rest of the afternoon was spent at home watching the SAG awards and not doing much of anything. It was a really great day :)

I really want to see this movie (The Artist) and this would've been the perfect place to do it! 

I liked that someone had posted the "love" notecard on the sign! 

My "Miley Cyrus" from Millions of Milkshakes

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