January 29, 2012

Filming Locations-Disney Studios

Julie Andrew's Dress from The Princess Diaries 2
James Marsden's outfit from Enchanted
Zac Efron's in High School Musical 3

Miley's from The Hannah Montana Movie
Pirates of the Caribbean
They filmed the interior shots of Princess Diaries here

Miley's dress in Hannah Montana
Sharpay's in HSM3 
Pirates of the Caribbean
Santa Clause hat!
I think this might've been from The Princess Diaries?
Garry Marshall bench
Walt Disney's office

A couple years ago, my parents and I went to a special screening of The Princess and The Frog at Disney Studios, which they don't open up to the public very often. After the movie, we were able to take a tour of the facilities to see some of the sound stages and costumes. Not many things are filmed there, but of course, their animation team is all located there. Such a cool place!

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