January 25, 2012

Renewal Night #3: The Holy Spirit

girls and I met up at church a little earlier so we could witness one of our friends being baptized. It was such a special moment for her and for us! We visited a few minutes and one of the pastors gave a short word on how some of have been on "mute", maybe out of fear or circumstances; she prayed that we would be able to speak out whatever it is that God has been calling us to tonight. After we wrapped up the baptism, we walked around with fliers trying to get word out about the Young Adults service we're having next Wednesday, but there weren't many young adults to give them to that hadn't already heard about it. So, we headed back to our seats because service was about to start.

The worship was amazing as always. I think God has always shown up the most for me in music; it's just healing and always been able to hit me when other things might not. It's a time when you can zone everything else out and focus on the words. It's just me and God. Anyway, tonight we focused on feeling the Holy Spirit in our lives; the part of the trinity that can be a little confusing or the most mistaken at times. How do we feel the Holy Spirit? And how do we speak the prayer language? And a good portion of that comes from being baptized in the spirit., where you can feel Him on a much deeper level; It was so cool that this was brought up with our friend, Alex, being baptized and I'm going to be doing it very soon! It's time to turn our lives around, and realize that God is going to do miracles. He's going to drive out darkness, push back all those fears and doubts, and make us new again. When we are all sinners, but when we are regularly practicing sin, that can block us from hearing what the Holy Spirit is trying to say; it puts a wall up. That's the whole point of this renewal. To soak up the word of God and dive back into our relationship with Him, despite everything we've been or done before. I really believe He healed so many people tonight or started something in them.

It was fun seeing some new friends and old friends, because all services (from both of our church locations) are able to join. So, it was great catching up with them :) However, tonight, something was still just really bothering me/had my mind in a tizzy. I was texting my friend Ceci and let her know my dilemma. She gave me the words that I needed to hear without realizing it. God will open and shut all the right doors at the right time, and He will give us plenty of chances to make it right from all different angles. My biggest worry is that I'll just miss the opportunity altogether, but that won't happen. That alone gives me peace. I'm so thankful for friends that I can just pour out my heart to!

Tomorrow is the last day of the renewal, and I just KNOW we're going to go out with a bang. It's going to be so much fun! Plus, we're meeting to talk about Catalyst fundraising ideas and the girls and I are going out for ice cream after! :) It's gonna be an amazing day, I can just feel it. 

That's all for now,

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