January 27, 2012

"Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head..."

Today was a really perfect day! I felt inspired, creative, and relaxed. It was rainy and almost felt like London weather! I woke up, had breakfast and got ready. I ended up doing a little writing and listened to Spotify. I FINALLY listened to Lee DeWyze's album, Live It Up, which I was really impressed with. So many great lyrics and catchy tunes. I'm really surprised it didn't do better on the charts, because he's such an incredible musician.

My mom and I went to a couple stores to kill some time! I found some of the coolest things, and was mentally decorating my future house in my head as we went along. I love checking out stores that have one of a kind things and have an eclectic feel :)

We had lunch at Chipotle, ran to the car wash and the rest of the afternoon was spent indoors watching Tangled, Gilmore Girls and Dawson's Creek. I also got some ideas on Pinterest and brainstormed up some other crazy things. I LOVE rain!

(These were my song quotes of the day)

 Quotes I liked from the movie:

Blog I love!

The rest of my night was pretty great as well! We had dinner and watched TV as a family, and now I'm getting ready to call it a night! I have a busy weekend ahead of me (or at least that's what I'm planning on right now...we'll see how things turn out. I'm learning to be more flexible). I'm really excited! :D 

That's all for now,

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