January 27, 2012

A Letter To You

You make time for everyone else, and you do the things you really want to. Apparently, I just don't fit into that list anymore, and I've learned to accept that. It used to really tear me apart; I felt unwanted, lonely, and dwelled on the thought that I didn't mean as much to you as I thought I did. I thought it was my fault.  But, I got tired of trying to figure out whether you really cared, because you'd say a lot of things but never follow through. And then I wondered if you were just saying the things you thought I needed to hear. I've finally let go of trying to figure out the puzzle, and am accepting things for what they are.
We had some really amazing times, I'm not trying to ruin or  and I'm sure there will still be more in the future, but as we get older things change a little. It happens. I know now it's no one's fault, but it sucks either way. I know that no matter what happens, we'll still always have each other but things might not always be like they were "back when." But, instead of going back to what we wish we'd had, we just have to be content with what we had and what we have right now. Knowing that no matter what, we'll always be friends who are more like family. No matter storm has come our way, we've tackled it together, and I truly believe that will always be the case. We have a bond that can never be completely broken. 
Just know that I think about you all the time and I pray for you. I wish you nothing but the best, and that you'll be successful wherever you end up in life. 

With love,
Shelby <3

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