March 4, 2013

Random Playlist

Every once in awhile, I'll pull out my music i.d. for a random song I like while I'm in a store or if there's a song playing in a restaurant, or sometimes if I'm just wanting to take a look at the lyrics when I hear something I haven't heard in awhile. I've been checking out my last that I've had running from over the past couple years, and found that there is quite the assortment of songs. Some are fantastic, and others...I'm wondering how the heck they even got there. Take a look:

So, I realized that I really like the "When It Comes To Love" song...Because I've looked it up, like, four times. Weird. And I was reminded of how much I miss 90s country songs, and wonder why they don't play a lot of them on the radio today...Major bummer. 

That's all for now,

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