December 9, 2012

This Week In Review

It has been quite a busy week! Seeing as these are the last couple weeks of the semester, I've had plenty of homework to be done and plenty of projects that I've been keeping up with. I have felt a little worn out and just a bit down and discouraged. It's funny how this always used to be my favorite time of year, yet for some reason, I'm having a hard time feeling cheerful. At least that's how it has been the past few years. But, I'm trying to do the best that I can and make it a joyful season, because that's what it is. I didn't always have the best attitude and I need to get my priorities back in order...
On the bright side, I did pick up a new obsession with The Office, and that has been helping me get through the week.
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I don't have class on Mondays, so I spent most of the day doing math homework, which was extremely fun, and I was really on edge by the end of the day. That sort of set the tone for the rest of the week, after making 18,000 "to-do" lists of what I needed to do for the rest of the week. Let's just say I was not charming to be around. 

I woke up at 8:15, delaying getting out of bed as long as possible. I was all cozy with my little heater warming the room and Christmas lights shining around my window. But, I finally did decide to get ready with a few minutes to spare before my ride picked me up. Michele got to my house, and we headed to Taft, which is always an entertaining ride. I love the heart to hearts we get have on our rides; passes the time off much more quickly. 
I went into the library, and there wasn't a free spot with my friends that I usually sit with, so I grabbed a spot by myself, which worked out, because I was able to get my work done a lot quicker. I met up with my friend, Amanda, a few minutes later. We moved to our own table, gabbing about our creative writing class and I tried watching The Office. 
At 11, we headed into class and waited for it to start. We had more critiques, which usually consists of snarky one liners being tossed around the room, whether it's towards people or the stories they've submitted. Sometimes our professor even tries to sing the poems, which never fails to make us laugh. It also makes us laugh harder when he's laughing harder than the rest of us. 
When class ended, I met up with Michele, and we headed back to town. She dropped me off, and to my surprise, my aunt was at my house. We ended up having lunch together at Del Taco with my mom, then running to the grocery store for a little while, then back to her house. It ended up delaying me a bit with homework and such that I'd had planned for the afternoon, but it was a nice little interruption. My aunt's house actually belonged to my grandparents, before they passed away, and there are still plenty of momento's around the place to remind me that it belonged to them, even though things have changed quite a bit. My grandma always had a ton of old treasures around the house, like old telephones and other antiques, that I always found fascinating, and decided to take a picture of some of them, so my aunt said she still had one of the old phones. She ended up giving it to me, which led to looking through the garage and some other cabinets, which I loved. It reminded me of all the afternoons I spent there, growing up, and feeling like their house was this magical land. That was how it always felt to me, and it warmed my heart. 
When my mom and I were done, we headed home, where I tried to relax for a little while, then had to head to church for practice for the upcoming Christmas show. For some reason, I wasn't feeling that great; my head was just bombarded with all kinds of thoughts, I was feeling stressed out, and didn't feel "present", you know? We ended up going over every song, including a new one; Lady Antebellum's "On This Winter's Night", which I didn't realize we were singing! They're some of my favorite people, so I was extremely excited about that. We were all having a great time, laughing about our parts for the songs and the repetition on things like Joy To The World and Go Tell It On The Mountain, which reminded me of last year; Viviyan and I couldn't stop laughing at the same parts, and then pretty soon, everything just became funny.
After practice ended, the rest of the night was pretty relaxed. My mom and I decorated gingerbread men cookies and we watched Christmas Vacation, which is my favorite Christmas movie. It was a wonderful night, and did get me in the spirit of the season a bit more :).

Once again, I have Wednesday's off, so I usually use that to catch up on homework or I just push everything off a bit more. 

Quite an interesting day, Thursday. Michele picked me up for school and off we went; it was a rainy, sort of depressing looking day outside. That can depress a lot of people, but I love it, even if only for a little while. It always makes me feel so inspired, especially when I'm able to stay at home to write or watch movies. We got to school, and obviously the ground is completely soaked, which is the day I decided to wear my new Taylor Swift shoes that I've only worn maybe one other time. I tried to walk as carefully as I could, but the very first puddle splashed back up, making a nice big mud spot right on top. I thought if that was the way things were starting the day off as, then it was going to be a long day. 
I went into the library, sitting with my usual peeps. Amanda and I talked about our creative writing critiques, while the other guys at the table kept telling us to look at pictures or were swapping ideas about video games, which gives us plenty of reasons to chuckle. 
Finally, class rolled around and there were six people up for critique, which felt like it lasted forever. There have been a lot of moments recently where I've really had to refrain from rolling my eyes or I have to bite my tongue to not say anything I'll regret, because sometimes people are just...Interesting. By the end of the class, I was pretty much almost tuning out, not because I don't care, but because it's the same thing over and over again, and I just have a hard time focusing. So, instead, I decided to do a little stalking on the Jonas Brothers with Amanda. We were trying to figure out if Nick is dating anyone...That was fun! 
When class ended, Michele and I came back to town. I spent the afternoon trying to get homework accomplished, then my friend, Viviyan picked me up. We grabbed Starbucks, then headed to church for a volunteer dinner. We went to her classroom for a few minutes before, then met up with everyone else in the main sanctuary. It was a really fun time getting to visit with some people I've never met and some that I just don't get a chance to talk to very much. There were a few games, dinner, and a short thank you message from our pastor. I am so thankful for my church family, and big functions like this, just remind me of how my life has changed so much since I've gotten more involved over the years. I love them all so much; they're family!
The rest of the night was pretty relaxed, once I got home. I watched some TV, got online, and had a marathon of The Office before I fell asleep. I love that show so much! It just makes me smile.

So, that was my week. It was pretty good! And Christmas is getting closer...sooo...YAY!!

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