December 12, 2012

The Office

I have known about this show forever, because it has been on practically forever. I've seen it several times, usually by accident or if nothing else was on, but I always found it hilarious. I just never seemed to keep track of when it was on, because my mom isn't really into it or anything, so I wouldn't think about it. I didn't always necessarily get the humor or what exactly was going on, but I laughed because I wanted to get it. I think Steve Carrell is genius, John Krasinski is charming in that boy next door way, and Jenna Fischer is just adorable and likeable. I liked the way characters seemed to interact with one another, and I love shows that focus on a small group of friends that can just have that chemistry and have a way of delivering dialogue like they've always known each other. It makes me feel like I'm part of the group, and I guess that's what I've always wanted to feel like.

Anyway, since I have Netflix, I've been trying to make progress with TV shows I've always wanted to watch and The Office has been on that list for some time. I decided to watch it one day and was surprised at how quickly I was hooked. And as predicted, I fell in love with Jim and Pam especially...They are my favorites. Watching their relationship grow is seriously one of the best things ever, as well as one of the most realistic. Be expecting a lot of talking about them coming up! 

I just love this show, and I love that I always tend to find shows exactly when I need them to. I just seem to keep making friends with fictional characters right and left. Story of my life!

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