December 28, 2012

I Guess I'm Not Socially Awkward, I'm Just An Introvert...

I woke up around 11 or so, and still felt a little tired, but knew I needed to get up and start my day. Whatever that was going to consist of. So, I pretty much did what I did yesterday, only this time I sat on the couch, instead of the recliner. I watched TV, had coffee, read all of Lauren Conrad's Beauty book, and brainstormed a few things that I want to start working on.

Eventually, after a couple episodes of The Office, I decided to start getting ready. I listened to some music and took my time putting on makeup, especially after some of the tips I'd read from Lauren Conrad's book. It has me wanting to get some things in order and get organized! I felt inspired when I finished, which is what you want after reading a book.

A little while later, I got a text from my friend, Michele, saying she was going to stop by to drop off my Christmas present. I haven't been out much or had much contact with people other than family this past week, so I was just a little nervous. Honestly, sometimes I'm just weird; I feel weird when the most contact I've had all week is conversing on Twitter and Facebook. Anyway, Michele and her mom ended up stopping by. I felt bad because I probably acted really strange when they walked to my door; she's trying to introduce her mom, and my brain stops working and just says something like, "oh ok." I invited them and we talked for a few minutes, swapping gifts, when my parents came out to introduce themselves. Michele and I told our parents about how we wanted to go ice skating in LA, and of course, our Pinterest party idea. They didn't stay long and Michele and I said we'd have to get together soon for coffee or something.
My parents and I went out to dinner! We were going to eat at Jake's Tex Mex, which I love, but they were closed because of the holidays, I think. We ended up at another bbq restaurant in town, which was about to close, and we were the only ones there, which was cool.

We ran to Target afterwards to get a few things, and since I had a gift card from my aunt and uncle, I did a little shopping of my own. They had a lot of great DVD's on sale, so it was hard not wanting to go crazy and buy everything. I ended up with Nylon Magazine, which had Lucy Hale on the cover and  the Lady Antebellum Own The Night concert DVD, which I'm really excited about watching.
We came home, and I sat back on the couch, watching a little TV, reading my magazine and tweeting with my new "Introvert Club" peeps; long story, you might not understand, and that's okay. It was a nice night.

Hot cocoa mix from Michele :)
I'm watching The Office right now, and I'm thinking of calling it a night pretty soon. Last night, I tried to turn in around 3, kept falling asleep off and on, but waking myself up (probably worrying) every time. Finally, I decided to pull out my Bible and have some quiet time with God. It was really nice not having any other distractions coming from the living room or me being wrapped in wanting to do other things. It was just a time of being still and meditating on some things I'm struggling with. I think it gave me a clearer direction of what I need to do.

That's all for now,

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