December 24, 2012

Christmas TV Shows

No matter what the occasion, I always love to watch TV shows and movies according to whatever holiday or season it is, just to make things a bit more festive. It seems that I've slacked off a bit this year when it comes to Christmas, so I've been cramming a ton of stuff into the past couple days. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from over the years and now. 

Gilmore Girls:
In the 7 seasons that Gilmore Girls was on, they only had one true Christmas episode, well technically two, but they don't really mention it all that much in the first one! This one was the season that Amy Sherman Palladino (the creator and head writer) decided to leave, needless to say, it was a little out of character for the girls. Especially since Christopher was in the picture and trying to run the show with his daughter, even though the girls usually do things their way. However, my favorite part of the entire episode is the "monkey, monkey, underpants" bit that Lorelai does in the kitchen. It's a total classic moment for her, and I realize just how much we are alike. 

Full House:
I always loved the Full House holiday shows because they were always full of Christmas cheer, as well as a moral or lesson in the end. The Tanner family was always so warm and inviting with their witty banter with one another or crazy obstacles in the middle that they had to overcome, and they always remembered the true meaning of Christmas in the end. They just always seemed like the kind of family I would want to hang out with. For so long, I kept thinking someday maybe our families would combine, because I played out many a daydream with my family, but unfortunately that never happened. I always wanted an uncle Jesse.....

This is the Christmas episode from season 2. I was starting to get a little annoyed with the characters, when out of the blue, this pretty little episode comes out and just blows me away. It felt like a nice break away from the normalness of the show, yet still stuck with a storyline. And the soundtrack to this show is FANTASTIC. They picked a few classics, and a few of the lesser appreciated songs and made them extra festive with plenty of jingle bells and beautiful harmonies. That CD never fails to put me in a perky mood. 

 The Office: 
Apparently, The Office is known for its Christmas episodes, because after the first season, it put the show on the map. After watching all of them, I have to say, they know how to throw a mean Christmas party. Also, that's the kind of gathering I would want to be part of. I'd especially want to hang out with Jim and Pam as they add their commentary to everything about Dwight's crazy doings and Michael trying to pull off some crazy scheme. The chemistry these guys have are just crazy and hilarious. 

 Lizzie McGuire:
I remember when Disney Channel had the best holiday shows. I would always get so excited on Christmas Eve, knowing that they'd be playing a marathon of all of my favorite episodes from Lizzie McGuire to Even Stevens and That's So Raven. But, Lizzie was always my number one. She was everything I wanted to be (part of that might have just been with Hilary Duff being Lizzie too). I feel like she really connected to girls growing up at the same time and reminded them of what life and Christmas are really about. It used to give me butterflies just thinking about all of the excitement. 

They always had some of THE best holiday episodes ever! They seemed to capture the gist of how the holidays go; the baking, the arguments, the annoying habits, etc. And let's face it... The one with the holiday armadillo is just the funniest thing ever! As well as The one with the routine. The images of Ross and Monica dancing at the Dick Clark New Years Rockin Eve party just don't leave. That's something to carry around with you when you're having a bad day. I promise you'll instantly laugh. 

Growing Pains: 
Maybe it's because I'm an only child, but I just always loved the sibling relationships between Mike, Carol and Ben Seaver, especially around the holidays. The schemes were kicked up a notch, the sarcasm from Mike was heavier, and if it's possible, Jason was always even more knowledgable, which made him extra annoying, yet dad-like at the same time, and Maggie was  even more sentimental. I just loved this family.

Boy Meets World: 
One of the best TV shows EVER! This one was all about life lessons, so you can bet there were plenty to go around in the Christmas episodes. Cory and the gang just really know how to make people laugh and bring everyone together. They're a great group! 

There are a ton of others I could name off, but basically any classic 90s TV show is a winner. I think it really highlighted the best moments and the worst moments of families, and even reminded audiences of what Christmas was really all about. I grew up with all of these families in some strange way, so spending the holidays with them as I get older, still reminds me of simpler times when I was younger. 

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