December 27, 2012

Just Another Day

Well, it was back to the same old routine today. There were no festivities to attend to or anything to get ready for, so once again, I slept in until almost noon. And honestly, I feel no shame about that. I figure I should take advantage of this now before I actually get a job and have REAL responsibilities to tend to. Right now, I'm just a student and this life is working out for me, I guess. Actually, it's not, but I'm not really sure of where else to begin and that opens up a completely different can of worms.

I watched TV all day, stayed in my pj's, drank coffee, ate lunch, watched more TV, had peppermint hot cocoa, and randomly kept checking Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for interesting posts. I found some here and there. My cat also sat with me a lot, which was nice, because he doesn't always want to do that.

Needed some encouraging words today and found these on Tumblr. God really can use anything to speak to us: 

After watching The Office, I decided to get ready. My dad came home a little while later and we had dinner at Chipotle, where I ran into a friend that I've known forever, which was cool. We talked for a few minutes, and the line was taking FOREVER. I was just not in the mood to deal with that. I haven't really been out of the house much lately, so I think my social skills are just a little off right now. We got our food, met my dad at the booth and ate. It was gooood! We came home after that, where I resided to my room to watch more of The Office and wondering what I'm going to do the rest of my life when this is all that I do with most of my time. Hmmm...That's a lot to think about. 
I also found out about this special American Idol event that will be taking place in LA, so I signed up for it. Not exactly sure how it will work or if I'll even be able to go, but I thought it was worth checking into. So, fingers crossed for that. 
Anyway, back to watching The Office and figuring out what I'm going to do tomorrow. This might possibly be a long Christmas break and long semester, if I don't have anything exciting lined up (along the lines of a job or internship or really anything that involves getting me out of the house). Lord, please send something my way....

That's all for now,

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