November 11, 2012

Thoughts At 1 A.M

I had these thoughts awhile back that I had jotted down, one night, but apparently they never posted...So here are the random thoughts I get, while late at night. Although, most of these are pretty common for daytime, as well.

  • I really miss the Kardashians when they aren't on every week. I think they are so entertaining, and sometimes I talk like them just for the fun of it. 
  • I wish I lived in LA
  • I'm hungry. I might go to the kitchen to see what we have (Sidenote: I started to go out, but the floor makes too much noise, and I knew more than likely we wouldn't have anything anyway).
  • I wish I was doing more this fall season. I feel like I haven't been really up to the expectations I wanted to.
  • I haven't watched the Married To Jonas season finale yet. Where are my priorities?! (Since I've written this, I have watched the finale; the day after, in fact).
  • I blog too much
  • I need to find out how to do commentary, over a video, especially when it's on a TV website. Anyone know how?
  • I want Julie Plec's job! Being around Ian and Paul all day? Perfect. Plus, working on a hit TV show would be pretty awesome! 
  • How many days until Christmas break?
  • I want to bake a lot over the holidays! I always say I'm going to, get too lazy and never do.
  • "Monkey, monkey, underpants!" (It's a Gilmore Girl thing)
  • I really want the Walmart edition of Red. Really, I don't mind two copies of it and I'd like the little magazine booklet that comes with it (Since I wrote this, I did in fact get the Walmart copy). 
The end. 

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