November 12, 2012

The Perfect Fall Saturday

Yesterday was one of the most perfect days I've probably ever had. I woke up a little earlier, and realized that I probably could have slept a little longer, but figured I would sleep way too long anyway. I walked out to the living room, where my mom was on the couch with our cat, and decided to turn on the electric fireplace we just got. I sat in front of it, trying to warm up, because it is getting COLD. While I love it, I still want to stay warm at the same time. I decided to take my time of waking up, and just taking in the day. It's nice to be still, and I forget that a lot. My dad had to run a couple errands, so my mom and I decided to get ready. I listened to a little Celine Dion, ate breakfast, and pretty soon we were ready to go. We picked my aunt up from her house and took her to the airport, since she's flying out on business. We hung out there for awhile; you can always see a lot of interesting people at the airport. Or, it's also fun playing the guessing game of what their story is.

After my aunt decided to get in line for the check, we headed out. We drove by the location of this charity event for cancer called, "Fight For Life" that Little Big Town would be playing at later on, hoping to see them. All we saw were people setting up, and a few trailers in back, but not too much action, so after looking around, we left. My dad had to take care of some business at work, so we just went with him, which was cool, because I think I've only been inside once or twice. We weren't there very long.

When we were done, we ended up deciding to make a visit to a small town about 45 minutes away from us, Tehachapi. It's a quaint little town, that has some neat shops and restaurants. It's a nice getaway that doesn't require a lot of traveling. The drive takes you through the mountains, past a lot of beautiful scenery, and I was just taking mental pictures in my mind the entire time. I was the dj, as always, playing Taylor Swift jams from the backseat. It is the best fall soundtrack, let me tell you. It's something about the simple melodies and lyrics that mention autumn and the leaves changing color that make me giddy for this season in a whole new way.

We drove through town, and I felt like a kid again. Alright, so I'm not that old, but still...I just love small towns. They have a certain charm and really tend to focus on the important things in life; I also wouldn't mind things going just being a bit slower, instead of feeling like I always have to rush through the busy day of "city life." Our first stop was the Apple Shed, which is a restaurant, but they also have a cute little store with treats and knick knacks, and apples (during apple season), but apparently we missed apple season. We looked around for a little while, then decided to get some lunch across the street at a restaurant that had opened up recently called, Red House BBQ. It was alright, but not really as tasty as we thought it'd be, which was a bummer. Also, did I mention how FREEZING COLD it was? Our city is not used to incredibly cold weather or snow, or anything really lower than 50 or so degrees, so when it does get that cold or we experience it in other places, it's quite the culture shock.

We looked around at a few little gift shops, along the main street. There was even a new bakery, where my mom and I got individual sized mini pies and my dad got a cream puff. There isn't really much else to do around town, so we drove around, just looking at houses and whatever else was around. From where we were, you could see most of the town, and the trees that were turning orange and red for the season. It was breathtaking! And once again, listening to Taylor Swift was the perfect soundtrack.

After we made it back into town, we stopped at Murray Farms, which is a grocery store, petting zoo, botanical garden of sorts, and depending on the season, they have either an apple orchard or pumpkin patch to browse. We had never been there before, so it was something different to do! It was a beautiful day, and still incredibly cold...But, tis the season, right?

We came home and were all pretty wiped out, so I cozied up to the fire, and started watching Gilmore Girls. It's such a feel good show, especially during these cold months that are approaching us. I also ate my tiny little caramel apple pie. About midway through I was a little over the apples, but boy was the caramel and crust good! It was so relaxing not doing anything, though.
Later on, I trailed along with my parents to Target, and I have to say it's probably the most fun I have ever had in Target. That's saying a lot because I'm there all the time, and I've been with a lot of people. We were going up almost every aisle, cracking jokes and just being our witty selves. No place better to do it than Target, am I right? All of the Christmas items were out, seeing as they have been since October...But, this time, I felt like I could actually look at everything, since we're getting closer and the weather is starting to turn. I tried to talk my dad into buying these shirts for our Christmas cards that are the Griswold's and says "Christmas Vacation" on them, which is pretty much one of my favorite movies, period. It was really tempting, but we might go back for them, and hope they still have our sizes.
Any mention of The Vampire Diaries gets me excited! 

I couldn't go to Target and not play the Taylor button...It's a tradition. 
After our little excursion through Target, we went over to Chic-Fil-A for dinner, and of course, we couldn't leave without getting the holiday peppermint shakes, which are delicious! We drove around for awhile, and headed back out to the Fight For Life event to see if we could see anything. There were a bunch of lights out back, and we saw a ton of people going in and out, even a couple that looked like Jimi and Karen from Little Big Town, but never got close enough to find out.

After a crazy day, we came home to wind down with some TV and I headed to bed. It was such a crazy fun time! It was something that we don't normally do, and I loved every minute of it. As many things as I've been able to do in my life, the random trips or times I've spent with my parents will always take the top spot as my favorite memories.

That's all for now,

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