October 10, 2012

Nashville Series Premiere

Alright, I've been really excited about this show since they first started talking about it whenever. I was getting even more pumped for it after seeing Hayden Panetierre at CMA Fest to promote the show, and watching the first fifteen minutes of the pilot several nights in a row at LP Field. I tuned in tonight to watch, after hearing so many great reviews from my "country music" friends on Twitter.

Well, I love the scenery and the soundtrack, seeing as it is Nashville and all of the music is country. Right up my alley, so with that I was sold. I also love the concept that we've never seen something on a scale like this established as a TV show. It's only usually movies that we see the rock star lives portrayed; that alone makes this interesting to see how it will play out. However, the story lines are a bit hard to follow and right now the characters just don't seem very likable to me. It didn't feel like we were watching the pilot; it felt like we were seeing what would've been the second or third episode. There were a lot of back stories to each character that were only hinted around, but not quite fully developed, and they were jumping around so much, it was hard to stay straight with who was who, other than the main two. Or maybe it was just because my parents were talking in some of the important spots...Not sure.  

I'm sorry, but why do all of the plots in TV shows and movies about country artists  tend to be so stereotypical and dark? I get that there's always going to be a "business" side of Nashville/country music that we don't see, but is it really like this? Not all country artists (or artists of any genre for that matter) are fame hungry and deceitful behind the scenes. There are plenty of artists out there that are (shocker) still faithful to their spouses, live a normal life, have kids and take them to soccer practice, all while living out their rock star fantasies that they've had since they were five. It all ends up feeling very Country Strong; depressing and sad. I really hope that isn't the case with this one.

I look forward to seeing how things progress in the next episode and even the one after that to decide whether I really want to keep watching or not. I'm intrigued to see how some of the characters tie together and what becomes of it all. But, if nothing else, this show did remind me of my love for Nashville and made me replay some really incredible memories back there, as they showed clips at the Grand Ole Opry and The Bluebird Cafe. One of these days I will live back there, pursuing a career in Country music, somehow, someway. It will always have such a special place in my heart and I hope to visit again someday soon. If you've never been....What are you waiting for?!

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