October 10, 2012

Freedom In Fear. Night #2

Me and Febe :)
Last Friday night was beyond incredible! Our "getting connected" pastor, Wendy, spoke. I was really excited about that because she is very passionate about dreams and getting people out of their comfort zones, and really that's what this conference is all about. She wants to help people reach their fullest potential, Even in the few more serious conversations we've had, she has immediately asked me what I want to do, and when I've told her some goals, she'd ask, "What's stopping you?" or something along those lines. I've gotten to know Pastor Wendy a lot better this year, and over the past couple years I watched from afar how she handles herself and how as soon as she walks into the room, you can just see confidence radiating from her. She is bold and extremely fierce; I love that she tells it like it is. But, she explained last night, that it wasn't always that way.

She talked about how on paper everything in her life seemed to fit perfectly, but inside she didn't necessarily feel "happy." Did that even exist? Was there another woman out there that fit what she felt she was missing? She knew she was meant for more in this life, but at the time, it all just felt meaningless. She had plenty of fears, and many that I have a fear of too. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, and several other things.

We can be confident because God is our creator. He loves us more than anything, and we shouldn't get stuck in the web of lies that Satan has us under most of the time. If we keep our eyes on God, He will lead us in the direction that He wants us to. Satan plots us against one another, but you know what? We are so much better together. Instead of eyeing each other up and down, we need to join forces. It should be us against him, not the other way around. Enough is enough. When we know these issues are going on within ourselves and others, we need to take a stand and put a stop to them, not just let them get worse. I for one am done hiding and feeling like I am not enough... because I am.

The entire time that Wendy was speaking, I just kept hearing, "You are a leader..." as a small little voice in my heart. I'm not exactly sure what it means quite yet, but I feel like I'm on the right track to start finding out. I am going to be a woman of vision, doing unimaginable things and dreaming big, rather than living this comfortable life. I was born to do way more than just exist, and so were you. I am tired of walking through life in a slumber, whether it's because of laziness or fear. I want to be prepared and on alert to do the things that God has called me to. I don't want to miss out on a thing.

I am limitless and infinite WITH God...and only through Him can I become what I was made to be.

Some of the ladies from church and a couple of the younger girls sang Katy Perry's "Who Am I Living For?" I was in tears. If you listen to that song, it has such a great spiritual message in there. Definitely a theme song for me at the moment.

After the conference, we walked out into the foyer to see my friends' group, Lonely Avenue. They were kicking off the "After Party", which I had totally forgotten about. There were bright lights set up, music was playing, and everyone was lining up in the coffeehouse to get dessert, mingling with one another. It was so much fun getting to see the women of our church cut loose a bit, singing along to some oldies and a few newer hits, dancing and having a great time with one another. It's great when we can have such a special time like this to really connect and start dreaming about the future again. I was also introduced to several new ladies at the church, which was great getting to know them. Febe and I hung out with her sister and a couple other friends, rocking out to the band, then watched as they started a dance contest of the different eras. That was quite entertaining, let me tell ya! After hanging out with everyone for a couple hours, I decided to head home, since it would be an early start the next morning.
Me and Makenzie
Such a fun time :)

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