September 21, 2012

That's A Wrap: American Idol Season 11 Tour

The 11th season of American Idol ended back in May, but as soon as the show ended, the Idols hit the open road to tour the country, and even the Philippines. I am a HUGE fan of Idol, and have religiously watched since season one when I was only nine or ten years old. There have only been two times I can remember missing, and those were for legitimate reasons. Even if I was out of town, I would always find out the numbers of my favorites to vote. Anyway, there have been two seasons that really stand out to me (other than season four, for the obvious, Carrie Underwood) because of the impact they had on me and how much they inspired me.

The first was season eight. My grandma was in the hospital practically all of that season, with lung cancer, and she ended up passing away from it. But, during that time, Danny Gokey was on, and week after week, he helped me with the testimony of losing his wife right before his audition. He still had so much joy, and proclaimed his love for God. I knew that through my pain, I could do the same. It was like we were both going through that grieving stage together. Being able to tell him that he was one of my heroes the day of their concert in LA, and him coming back to give me a hug cheered me up in so many ways. If you don't think God has touched people with the gift of music to heal...Think again. It all goes back to the glory of God, but he gives people gifts like this to help others.

This time around, it's season 11, and I don't just say that because it was the last season, so it's all still fresh. I had so many incredible memories with this latest season, whether it was voting, talking about it with family and friends, or even running into them and attending the finale. I felt like out of all the seasons, this group was the closest to my age group. I could see myself being friends with most of them, if we were to meet each other on the street somewhere or at a concert. I related with Colton in his beliefs and his faith in God; his worship team background, and just having a dream. I related to Hollie with her quiet demeanor on stage, yet knowing that there's something great deep down inside, just waiting to come out. I related to Elise in her style, Skylar with her country girl ways, Joshua with his love for his family, and the list could go on and on. They are some of the friendliest and most humble people you will meet, and hearing stories of friends and getting to experience it myself, their families are just as amazing. To me, this wasn't just another "American Idol" group. It felt like they became my friends in a distant sort of way, and I'll be grateful for all the memories. If ever I could've been on a season of the show, this would've been the one I chose.

Tonight (or technically last night, seeing as they're in another country), was the last tour date of season 11. Normally, I don't get sentimental about the tour, but with this one it's a little bit tougher. They were always on Twitter updating how the show went, hacking each others technology devices, posting pictures, and just goofing around so much, that we were all apart of that experience with them. This is probably the last time that they'll all be on tour and sing together ever again. I'm sure they'll remain close, but nothing will bond them quite like this season did. I wish them luck in everything that they're all about to venture into. God has incredible plans for all of them, and I can't wait to see what they are.

My main reason for going on and on about how amazing they are is because Channel 19 started a video blog series on You Tube, showing more behind the scenes looks at the contestants and how life on the road is. Watching them interact with one another and getting to know them better as people, rather than just musicians is hilarious, awesome, and heartwarming! They all look like they're having so much fun together. If you were a fan of this season, I seriously recommend watching. You won't be sorry! I love them all even more than I did before. And I'm sure you will too.

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