September 17, 2012

MUST Items for South Carolina

MUST Items for South Carolina

The time is finally here to start packing. It used to be that when I was younger, I would pack about a month ahead of time when I found out we were going anywhere, even just a trip to the beach or Disneyland. Now that I've gotten older, I wait until it gets closer to the time of leaving. Usually, because now I'm still doing stuff or just have other things on the brain, so I'm more focused on that. But, I still don't like doing anything the night before, that would stress me out too much.

These are some of the basics that I think would be great for South Carolina weather : Maxi skirt, sweater, vest, colored pants, jeans, shorts, v-necks, fedora, oxford shoes, jean jacket, and some simple jewelry. I don't want to bring too much, so I'm hoping I would be able to mix and match some of these items as well.

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