October 1, 2012

South Carolina/Wilmington Trip

Last night, I returned back to California after one of the most amazing and relaxing weeks I've ever had. It was so nice not really having much planned, except for a few specific things to sightsee, but other than that, we were just playing it by ear each day to whatever we felt like doing. There were so many wonderful moments, but a big lesson I learned throughout the trip is just to slow down. Whenever I've been in the south, I realize how different it is from California...Where we always seem to be in a rush for absolutely nothing at all. I wasn't as concerned with my phone, though I did post pictures and updated Facebook and Twitter statuses pretty often, I didn't feel the need to check it constantly. I was world's away, and whatever was going on at home, just didn't seem to matter as much. I still have homework that'll be do when I get home? "Eh, oh well..." And that was a wonderful feeling, let me tell ya, because I am a worrier by nature.

I could go on for pages and pages of all the details of every little thing (like I do in my journals), but I'll just give an overview of what we did each day:

  • Three flights- I watched A Walk To Remember, worked on a story, read a little, listened to music
  • My aunt and uncle picked us up at the Myrtle Beach airport, then we went to our time share
  • My mom, aunt and I picked up pizza and soda's at the grocery store down the street and hung out at the room

  • Had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
  • Drove to Charleston, where we spent the day
  • Had lunch with my cousin and her family at The Noisy Oyster
  • Went to the Charleston outdoor market
  • Walked around Charleston practically all day; taking pictures and looking at all of the fabulous buildings. I was fascinated by all of the details on the buildings-It's such an artsy place! It was also a lot of fun hanging out with my family and exploring with them. 
  • My parents and I ate at this restaurant called The Brewery, had gelato, and walked along the pier
  • Drove back to Myrtle Beach (2 hour drive)
  • Got a tweet from Austin Nichols

  • Drove to Wilmington (About an hour from Myrtle Beach) after grabbing breakfast at McDonald's
  • Started looking for locations immediately after getting there-
  1. River Court Park was first, and I honestly could have spent all day there. It was just like on the show, except for the basketball court not being there, obviously :( The view was gorgeous, and now I can see why they shot so many scenes there. Sure they aren't filming anymore, but as soon as I stepped foot onto the grass, I could tell just how special it was. All of the important monologues and dialogue that had happened there started running through my head. After that, the rest was sort of a blur, because we were all over town. (Wilmington is a lot bigger than I imagined)
  2. Brooke Davis' house in high school, and the one her and Julian bought
  3. Peyton's house
  4. Jamie Sullivan's house from A Walk To Remember (Fun Fact: She lives on the same street as Haley and Peyton)
  5. Naley's bench
  6. Haley's house
  7. A Walk To Remember alley (Where Jamie tells Landon she has Leukemia)
  8. Dan Scott Motors
  9. Keith Scott Auto Body Shop
  10. Naley's new house
  11. Karen's Cafe
  12. Tree Hill cafe
  13. CD Alley
  14. Tric
  15. The 6th street bridge
  16. Lucas Scott's house
  17. Dan Scott's house
  18. Tree Hill High 
  19. Screen Gem Studios-Where they filmed interior shots
  20. The intersection where Lucas and Keith crashed in season one
  • We had lunch at Chop's, which Austin Nichols recommended. It was a sandwich shop, which was really good!!
  • Went to Edge of Urge (Where Joy and Sophia used to shop)
  • Had ice cream at Kilwin's
  • Walked along the RiverFront, which is right beside the Cape Fear River
  • Drove back to Myrtle Beach

  • Spent the day in Myrtle Beach
  • Had lunch on the pier
  • Walked along the beach
  • Debated on what we should do and ended up just driving around town, stopping at Sonic, 
  • Shopped at the Tanger outlets
  • Went back to the room for a little while
  • Rode the Skywheel on the pier
  • Had dinner at Carraba's, then went to a souvenir shop next door
  • Walked around our time share-There was a big pond in the center of the rooms, a pool house, and other cool areas to check out. Looked beautiful at night...Just watch out for the cockroaches.


  • Round 2 for Wilmington-
  1. Lakeshore Park (where Peyton and Lucas got married)
  2. Went to Airlie Gardens (where several scenes of OTH and Dawson's Creek were filmed)
  3. Nathan and Haley's apartments
  4. Bellevue Cemetery (where Keith and Peyton's mom were buried)--The only time I will EVER voluntarily go to a cemetery and look happy about it. HA!
  5. The Dixie Grill
  6. We stopped at a couple of antique/thrift stores- The Bargain Box and The Ivy Cottage. Sophia Bush told me about The Ivy Cottage, and she was right, it is one of the best. They had a ton of really nice furniture, dishes, pictures, tea cups, etc. It was all pretty reasonable too. I wish we had lived closer, so I could buy more, but I ended up getting a jewelry box that was really cool!
  7. Had lunch at The Reel Cafe, where a lot of the cast was spotted during the years of filming
  8. Grabbed ice cream at Kilwin's again
  9. Drove up to The Graystone Inn, where filming was going on for the new show, Revolution
  10. Drove a little outside of Wilmington to the Orton Plantation (where Nathan and Haley were married, as well as Landon and Jamie in A Walk To Remember. Now, the plantation is closed to the public, so we just took pictures from the outside of the gate). 
  11. Found the  "You don't know me" Peyton and Lucas spot. That was quite a funny story. It's right next to a swamp, with alligators...and my mom was freaking out that she didn't want to get out or get eaten by alligators, so we went back and forth for a couple of minutes of trying to get the picture. I eventually got in the exact spot they were in, because I wasn't going to have my dad drive all this way, to get in some random spot that meant nothing, right?
  • Drove back to Myrtle Beach-We were going to go to the movies to see The Trouble With The Curve, but ended up going to the beach and having dinner at an outdoor shopping center that was right on the water. 

  • We drove back over to Charleston for the day
  • Took a tour of the Boone Plantation (used for several TV shows and movies, including The Notebook. It's also the place where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just got married a few weeks ago). It was gorgeous! The place went on for acres and acres, there were trees everywhere, crops, and a lot of great scenery to take pictures.
  • We went just on the outskirts of Charleston, and found a lighthouse
  • Saw the theater from The Notebook
  • Had lunch at this restaurant, Magnolia, which was really good!
  • Walked back through the outdoor market, so my mom could find a picture she saw the other day
  • Saw the Angel Oak tree, which is the oldest tree known apparently. It goes back at least 1500 years
  • Drove to Sumpter, where our family is to have dinner with them and to see their houses, since we haven't been back there since they moved. Makes me wish we lived closer to one another, so we could do things like that all the time. I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, but it's always a fun time when we do.
  • We got back to the room around 12:30, and I was wiped out

  • Our last full day in South Carolina, which made me extremely sad. I felt so relaxed and at ease back there, but we tried to go out with a bang. 
  • Had breakfast at this little diner called Atlantis Pancake House
  • Went on a dolphin watching boat! One of the most fun things I've ever done. It was perfect weather, and we were able to see a ton of dolphins, doing flips and swimming around. We even saw a bald eagle, though it took quite awhile to find it LOL. Plus, we were basically in two places at once, because we were on the state line of North and South Carolina (It was very A Walk To Remember, except Shane West wasn't there, and it wasn't quite as romantic as the movie. Still totally cool, though).
  • We went shopping at this shopping center close by, a lot like the one we had gone to a couple nights before. Except this one had warnings about alligators. Luckily, we didn't see any. We grabbed some ice cream to hold us over, and went into a few stores! 
  • Came back to the room to pack and get ready for dinner 
  • Had dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousin at Texas Roadhouse. It was so good! Plus, we hadn't eaten since breakfast, so that helped too.
  • Came back to the room, and headed to bed pretty soon after, because we had to wake up at 4 or so. 
It was a trip I will never forget, in more ways than one. Now, when I read Nicholas Sparks' books, I can picture it all more and know what he's talking about when it comes to places. I came to a lot of conclusions that I want to be a traveling writer, whether it's visiting different states and writing in a different city, or just simply traveling, and writing about the scenery, restaurants and places to shop. I'd like to be the next Samantha Brown, because then I could do my journalism thing and get to see the world. Just some ideas I thought about! I always feel inspired when I travel; something about getting a new perspective on life and a change in direction.

That's all for now,

P.S I'l be posting more pictures in a separate post! Stay tuned :)

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