August 17, 2012


Today was really good! I woke up around 9:30 or so, knowing I was going to skype with my friend, Rebecca, and she's 3 hours ahead, so I was trying to plan it around that. After taking a shower and getting ready, I ended up sitting down for breakfast and coffee with my mom, which was so good.

I Skyped with Rebecca for what ended up being 3 hours! We caught up with one another, since we hadn't really seen each other since the Jimmy Kimmel taping back in May, I think it was. We talked about the entertainment industry, and aspects we'd like to get involved with. She also gave me some insight on things she learned from people at her internships in LA while she was out here, which was cool. Then, we finally decided to tackle the song we'd been planning on writing for quite some time now. We couldn't think of anything for the life of us. I've never done a "writing session" with anyone else before, so it was a bit of a different process. Finally, we both just put our pens to paper and see what we came up with, and from there we were able to get on with it. We made quite a bit of progress I think. But, we were starting to run out of ideas and figuring out chords on the guitar can be a little tricky, so we decided we'd pick up some other time, since Rebecca still has two more weeks at home.

The rest of the afternoon, I hung out for a little while, just trying to work on some stories, and getting my creative juices flowing once again. Around 4 or so, I started not feeling well. I started questioning whether or not I should go to worship practice and Bible study, but I always seem to come up with excuses for reasons why I shouldn't or don't want to. My mom made me some hot tea, and I caught a few episodes of Friends, which always does the trick at making me laugh. I started feeling better, so I decided I would just go. When I got to church, only a few people had showed up to practice. It actually made things run a little smoother. I was able to work on my part a little more than usual, and could hear it a tad better. We're only singing three songs this weekend, so that's cool and they aren't too hard. I think this was probably our shortest practice ever. We went in at 6, starting a few minutes later, and we were out a few minutes after 6:30. A friend from church gave me a ride home, which was really nice of her. Her and her husband are getting ready to move back to Wisconsin, so I'm definitely going to miss having her around, and watching out for her cats when they'd go out of town. It has been great getting to know her over the past couple years. Luckily, we'll be singing together on Sunday, so that'll be the official day to say goodbye :*( So many changes going around lately, with people moving on and it's hard. I've never been of a goodbyes.

I got home, ate dinner and watched E! News with my mom, and was still feeling pretty good, so I decided I'd go to Laurie's Bible study with her. I got ready, and her and Andrew picked me up. So, off we went. I'm always a little nervous meeting large groups of people, but I've gotten a lot better with it. I met a lot of Laurie's friends from church, then we got started almost immediately. The discussion was based on 1 John 5 dealing with sin; a topic that makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but something that obviously needs to be dealt with. I learned a lot about this subject tonight and the way it was broken down helped me to look at it with a new perspective. We all fall short of what God has called us to be, but when we stay connected with Him, it allows us to change our ways. Because when we're continually making the same mistakes, that's when we need to take a step back and question whether we are true believers or not. After we finished looking at the notes they'd handed out, we all gathered in the kitchen for some snacks. Andrew and I talked for a few minutes, then Laurie and a couple of her friends joined a few minutes later. It was nice getting to know them. We also talked to her pastor about social networking for a few minutes, and he pulled out the logo's he's working on to promote their group. Then, Laurie, Andrew and I left. I wasn't quite ready to go home just yet, and the night was still sort of young, so we decided to go to McDonald's. We ordered some drinks, then sat in the parking lot, just talking for a little while. There were a lot of interesting people around the area; it was all a little sketchy, but entertaining at the time. LOL. We even brainstormed about the possibility of making a web series about our town...If you lived here, you'd understand the humor in it. So, we shall see if anything becomes of it.

We drove around for awhile, trying to think of something to do, but seeing as it was close to 12:30 or so, there wasn't really much to do. Laurie did show us where her church meets on Sunday's though, which was cool. Now, I can picture it when she talks about it :). We laughed a lot and rambled on about whatever else came to mind, I dramatized how pathetic my life is and how I'm pretty much always at home, and get a little too excited for Full House to come on at 2 a.m. and even called one of our friends, leaving him some crazy long message filled with absolutely nothing important, just the three of us gabbing and it was hilarious. Finally, Laurie dropped me back off at my house, and called it a night. I'm so glad I went tonight. I haven't been hanging out with friends very often lately, and I have missed it. Tonight was a great reminder of just enjoying the company of good friends, and the fact that I'm still young. I should be out  there in the world just doing simple things like driving around, doing silly things for the heck of it. I need to not take these moments for granted, but hold onto them dearly instead.
Now, its a few minutes after 3, and I'm watching...You guessed it, Full House. Sorry, I'm not sorry! I love this show. I do need to call it a night, though.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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