August 16, 2012

The Week So Far

I feel like there have already been so many great moments to the week, that I don't want to wait until Friday to do my weekly review. So, why not do them right now?! 
Shawn Johnson's book! So good! 
Taylor Swift's live chat! She revealed and released info about the new CD and her new single. Some of my friends were at the chat (took place at her parents' home and she invited them back to her place for dinner....WHAT?! Who seriously does that besides the one and only Taylor Swift!??

AMEN! I'm so done with people who don't care anymore. 
Yay for Hilary Duff being back on TV! :D
Inspirational words-Taylor Swift

A lot of creativity happening: Reading Bethany Joy Lenz's old blogs for inspiration, working on my Smash book, and planning stuff for Wilmington :)
Sunflower in my neighbor's yard! 
Something I struggle with quite a bit and this is what I need to remind myself of. 
Studying for my driver's permit test
Ice cream! I've been eating so bad lately...ugh.

Basically, so far I've just been tapping into my creativity again and trying to get into some projects-looking at a lot of inspiration on blogs and other things like that, brainstorming for my own and hoping to change things up a bit very soon! :)

Things are looking up,
Shelby :)

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