August 14, 2012

The Weekend Review

This has been a really great weekend! Yesterday (Saturday), I slept in quite a bit, watched the Kardashian marathon on E! with my mom, got ready, and when my dad got home we had lunch at a local BBQ place. 

If you haven't noticed yet, our lives seem to revolve around food and what meals we're having. LOL. After, I wanted to check into a Bamboo Tablet for my computer at Best Buy, so we ended up in there for a bit. I picked one up and was super excited to get home to mess around with it. But, first, we stopped at a boutique, Apricot Lane, at The Marketplace that was having a sale! They have some really cute stuff. Then, we stopped at Pet Smart to get some cat food. Well, it just so happened to be adoption day, so they had the cutest kitties all set up in the middle of an aisle. Needless to say, my mom and I got a little distracted. We wanted one, and my dad thought they were cute too....But, it was a big no...Actually, it wasn't even in the question HAHA. They were still fun to play with for a few minutes though.

We came home for awhile, and I started messing with my new gadget. It's definitely going to take some time to get used to, but there's a blog I get on that has some really great tips and ideas on how to get started! I can't wait to sit down and really get into that. I watched Noteworthy at the Opry with my mom, then we met up with some family friends for dinner. Their son is visiting from out of state, so it was cool hearing stories about his job and a lot of the experiences hes had. We sat there for awhile just talking, then decided to get dessert, of course! We went to Tutti Frutti for some yogurt! It was packed when we got there...But, we ended up running into some other friends/pastors from church, so by the time we got inside, some of the rush had died down. There weren't any places to sit down inside, so we sat on the patio...It was 9 or so at night and SO HOT still. But, I'm still trying to soak up this warm weather, because as soon as it gets cold I'll be ready for the heat again. We stayed for awhile, talking and laughing, and some commenting on the people that walked in. It was such a fun night.

Joshua Ledet's mom responded back to me! :) 

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Watching the Olympics!

This morning, I woke up a little earlier so I would have time to get ready and watch Crosspoint Nashville's service online. It was a really great message, and relaxing to listen to as I got ready for the day. My parents and I went to church with my grandparents.

It was such a wonderful message! It was about having the faith that Abraham did when it comes to trusting God's timing and know that no matter what He knows what He's doing. That seems to be the theme of my life this year...learning to wait on God's timing and learning patience. Everything is going to work out when it's supposed to, there's no need to rush. I really felt God's presence at work in my heart this morning.
When church ended, we decided to have lunch at a country style buffet, called Hodel's. It's pretty popular on Sunday's and is a lot better than the way I described it. We got there and it was packed, so we debated on going somewhere else, but decided to just stick it out. It worked out nicely, because only about ten minutes later they were able to seat us. I was so full after we ate! But, it was a nice time getting to hang out with my grandparents.


We had to go to Sam's Club to pick up some necessities for the house and I was pretty much dying from the heat. It is SO HOT and it takes forever to cool down once you're inside. It was quite the eventful trip. Finally, we made it home and spent the afternoon hanging out. My parents usually Skype with the rest of my family in town, South Carolina and Utah, so I usually sit in sometimes or just overhear their conversations. It's always a hoot listening to them...But, it's a lot more fun when we're all in the same room together. I spent time just surfing the web, working on my new Bamboo pad, and taking pictures. Then, I saw Heejun was having a Twitter party, and he responded back, which I was really excited about! A few minutes later Heejun tweeted that it was Phillip Phillips who had hacked him...SOO... Technically I got a response from Phillip. How freaking cool is that?! For the next little while, I started flipping through the new magazine I got that has a ton of fall recipes and decorating ideas, which has me extremely excited for October/November. I am going to go all out...But, we still have plenty of time for that. 

We had dinner at Chipotle and watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics at home. It was fun! I honestly didn't get into the events much, other than a few things. Although, I did watch more than I thought I had. The entertainment and crazy stunts are always the most exciting part, especially having so many talented musicians from London. Loved seeing The Spice Girls, even though I wasn't a fan when I was younger. I was also constantly checking Twitter for updates about the Idol show in Nashville since I had friends there; I was wondering if they were able to meet the contestants and just how it went with it being Colton's hometown show, while he was sick and all. After that, I called it a night. All in all, it was a great weekend.

Here's the start to a beautiful week.

~Shelby :)

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