July 9, 2012

The Weekend Review

I'm just going to say, sorry in advance, for an extremely long blog post...I just had so much to share.

Saturday, we went to Valencia with my grandparents for the day to have lunch and just hang out for awhile. I never thought I'd be saying that I was ready to just stay home, but that was one of those times. Mainly, I'm just tired of the long rides, even though I love just being in the car and listening to music. We went to this restaurant, Rattler's, that they actually got my parents into years ago, I guess. It was really good and the waitress even remembered us from a couple weeks ago when we went with my aunt. For some reason, that made me feel special.

I was in a weird mood, and not feeling too great, so I was on the quiet side...Until my grandpa would ask me random questions about life. Then, he asked me if he could send a rich guy my way, and if so, would I open the door? I said no. He's like "Honey, you can love a rich man as much as you can love a poor one. You're spoiled, you're gonna need a rich man." I don't want a man right now in general, so honestly, that's why I turned him down. HAHA. After we finished lunch, we went to this store, Stein Mart, to look around for awhile. You know I'm out of it when I don't find anything LOL. They have a little bit of everything-clothes, items for the home, journals and stationary, jewelry, and other random things. But, it was all stuff I could live without. No one else had any other ideas of what to do, so we headed back down the hill. My head was pounding with too many ideas and I just wasn't feeling good, so I tried to close my eyes and listen to some music, until we stopped at Denny's for some dessert. I had a slice of Cookies and Cream pie; usually I don't like pie in general, but it looked so good. And it was. The remainder of the time we had to drive home, I felt great and wished it would've been like that the rest of the day.
We saw this on the freeway...There were a bunch of carts for a carnival!  

We got home, and I decided to go on a bike ride. It was HOT and gorgeous out, once again. I've been wanting to spend as much time outside as possible, because usually I'm inside, working on math a good portion of the day, so my brain is just fried by the screen and all sorts of numbers. It's freeing to get away from all of that for awhile. I listened to some Country music and just enjoyed the summertime. The rest of the night, we listened to my Taylor Swift Speak Now album on Vinyl (finally, after two years), ate pizza and watched Father of the Bride. Now, that's my kind of Saturday night. I did end up brainstorming plans for the future, which led to a slight meltdown, but I quickly recovered, because I have amazing friends who always put up with me. Then, decided it was best that I call it a night, since I had to get up early yesterday anyway.


It's 6:15 a.m, my room is still black and my alarm is singing the Rascal Flatts song, "All Night To Get There." Morning sure came extremely quick and I knew it was time to get up. I got ready, grabbed my guitar and off to Starbucks I went-Always a caramel frappuccino and some sort of scone or bread. Then, my dad dropped me off at church, and no one was there. The parking lot is completely empty, after they said to meet at 7. This happened last time, but I tried to let it roll off. It's not a huge deal, it's just nice that people show up when they say they're going to. I might not have a lot going on in my life, but I don't like to waste it either. A few minutes later, our music pastor showed up and unlocked the doors. A few minutes later, people started filing in, but we still didn't start practicing until 7:38. In the meantime, I was able to catch up with Febe in the foyer, get my guitar tuned and finish up breakfast.

It felt so good to be back with everyone and singing. I don't think I've ever felt more relaxed or vulnerable up there on stage, than I did yesterday. I'm finally learning to let everything else that I'm worrying about go, and just be in the moment whether it's worshiping or being on stage in general. Being around so many musicians and singers that have been doing this awhile, has helped me observe how they do it and I've learned so much from them. They are such pros the way they can improvise when a speaker goes out or this happens or something falls through. It's reminding me to be more flexible when things don't always go quite like I planned. I love being surrounded by people that have the same passion for music as I do, because they just get it. We did the first service, then everyone went backstage to hang out. I always end up hearing about some great music back there, because they're usually talking about some documentary they caught, an interview with a musician, or a great album to listen to. Yesterday's topics were John Mayer and Eric Church. I'm not a fan of Eric Church, but I do like John Mayer. He is so creative and ahead of his time that that's why we all think he's weird...and he is, but the dude can write and play music like nobody's business.
The service itself was great! It was on what worship should be: accurate, authentic,thoughtful, and practical and the steps to following through with that. There was one point in particular, that seriously hit close to home. Lydia (the pastor), told us a story of how this woman was praying for clarity, but instead someone told her that rather than praying for clarity on what the future holds, ask that God will help you to trust in Him. That's exactly what I've been dealing with. I feel so unsure of the future and where exactly it is that God wants me, but I want to be able to take that step of faith, whether I can see the entire path in front of me or not. When the service ended, I ran into Hillary, so we talked for a few minutes, then I caught up with my parents and family friends. I didn't realized how much I had missed our church, and what a big part of my life it has been playing. I felt connected again, like I've been longing for once again.
We had lunch with family friends at Outback when I finished the last service, which was awesome. It was good catching up with them. We always have the funniest times when we're together. I was SO full after eating so much too, but I guess that means they did their job. We came home, then had to run a few errands with my dad, which was cool because I get way too bored sitting at home anyway. I grabbed my iPod and entertained the car with my fantastic song picking skills, so that's always fun. The more I'm in town, the more I'm starting to appreciate it...the country roots, the agriculture...It's not that bad of a town. Maybe this is the part when I'm about to leave, because I'm starting to appreciate the things I've always had ;). Anyway, we came home after all the business was done and I decided to clean my room...well, attempt it at least. I was trying to organize my closet, but that's going to take several days, if not more. I listened to Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert to make the time more enjoyable.

We had dinner with my aunt, uncle and our family friends at Arby's, which was fun. There's nothing better than being surrounded by a group of people that love you and make you laugh harder than just about anyone. I also came to the conclusion while we were there that I want to try skeet shooting and mud riding. My dad and uncle know someone who might be able to pull off the skeet shooting. As for the mud riding, I'm probably on my own. When we got home, my dad and I went on a late night bike ride. It was cooler, there was no random dog following us, and we were able to just talk. Those are some of my favorite memories and moments ever. As crazy and busy as life gets, and as many things that have changed...my relationship with my parents is one thing that has never really wavered, even though we might argue and disagree a little more than we used to. I'm really thankful for that.
I had planned on possibly going to bed, but then I remembered my guitar was all tuned up and ready to go, thanks to my friend, Martin. I'm trying to teach myself Taylor Swift's song, "Come in with the Rain," because I absolutely love it and know the chords. So, that's always a plus. I practiced a few times, and it felt good to have sore hands after. One of these days, I'll look back and wonder why I didn't stick with it longer and the first place. It was one of the best days! Honestly, I don't think I would've changed a thing about it.

My baby! :)

Bonus (Lines of the day):
"I love what I see on my Facebook feed! Most of my friends are Christians or dorks, so I get Star Wars with a verse!"

"It's 2012 guys, get with the program!"

"You know how people make fun of the way I text?"
"Oh, well people make fun of the way I text...See!"

"Ew! I hate that sauce."

That's all for now,

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