July 14, 2012

The Weekly Review

It was a pretty typical week for me...I stayed home for the most part. Here's the rundown! 
  • Summer school is starting to come to a close, so this week mainly consisted of doing a LOT of homework (spanish and math)
  • I cleaned my room and my closet; you can actually see floor and walk in here, so that's definitely something I'm proud of. 
  • Housesat for a friend from church and got paid! WOO! :D
  • Rearranged photo boards and collages in my room, brainstormed for a couple more
  • Booked my appointment to get my permit. I'm on my way, baby.
  • Also, if you're on GetGlue, you'll understand my obsession with this...I got my stickers that I've been collecting online to actually ship to my house. Mission accomplished.
  • Tried eating healthier, probably ended up eating more junk food than usual. Epic fail!
Tried to eat healthy....
I made this with the coolest Martha Stewart scrapbook app! I could spend hours making pointless collages.

Bag I wanted to buy from Urban Outfitters


Tried to start reading her book again after a year!

My new encouraging way to go about my day! 

So excited to see him next Monday!!!!!! 
Alright, so I tried the "I'd cap that" app...and this is what turned up...hahah

Ummmm...Idk how I feel about that one! lol

All in all, I feel like I really accomplished a lot that I've been putting off. It feels good! 

That's all for now,

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