May 1, 2012

The Queen Is Back

If you don't like Carrie Underwood, that's completely fine, but keep the rude comments to yourself. The last time someone griped about Carrie, they found themselves deleted from my friend list. I know that sounds harsh or dramatic... And it probably is. However, my problem with it is that they know I love Carrie and whatever crap they come up with isn't gonna change that. So, why argue for the sake of arguing right? Right. Moving right along....

Like I was saying, THE QUEEN OF COUNTRY MUSIC IS BACK! It has been two (almost three) LONG years since Carrie released her last album. Us fans have been patiently waiting for her return and it's finally here. Her CD, Blown Away, came out today! She did an exclusive fan club listening party last week, and then released it to iTunes shortly after. Needless to say, I've been listening to it pretty much nonstop and have all the words basically memorized now. My mom was invited to the listening party with Carrie back in Nashville, but since it was such short notice, it didn't work out, but it sounds like it was an absolute blast.
This CD definitely has a different sound than her others, and at first I wasn't quite sure how I felt about a few of the songs. But, each time I listened to it, it really grew on me! I love that she was more involved in the writing process than she has been before, and it shows how much she has grown as an artist. I have to say it's further away from Country, and more on the rock/easy listening side...but yet, people will still pick on Taylor Swift. Sorry, that I don't understand. But, I love it just the same. Country music isn't what it used to be. Embrace it and enjoy it. I picked up my copy today after classes, and if you haven't, well, what are you waiting for?! My favorite song is Good In Goodbye, and has been from the very first time I listened to the entire CD. It just tugged at my heart and was the one I related to most. It reminded me that God can turn bad situations into something beautiful.
Carrie also announced her tour dates for this fall season and is coming back to my hometown! SO cool. We don't always get too many artists, but Carrie is one that has been coming ever since she became a headliner. I knew I loved her for a reason ;)

I am so excited about all the promotion she's doing for it with TV appearances and everything that she has been/will be doing. Here's the list; be sure to check her out:

  • April 29-Nightline
  • April 30-GMA interview, David Letterman, live concert stream from Ed Sullivan Theater
  • May 1-GMA concert, live stream of iheart radio concert
  • May 3-American Idol
  • May 9-The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • May 10-Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • May 15- Dancing With The Stars
  • May 20- Billboard Music Awards
I'll be attending the taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live! next Thursday and I am SO excited! It will almost have been a year since I've seen her, which feels like forever. Just because when she's touring, it feels like we see her quite a bit for something or another :D Eeeeeeepppppp!!!!!!! (*insert Brooke Davis dance here*). 

That's all for now,
Shelby <3

If you've listened to her CD, what are you favorite/least favorite songs? What do you hope is her next single?

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