May 1, 2012

Livin' Large At Dodger Stadium

We have season tickets for the Dodgers, and usually sit up in the reserve level, but (long story short) we got tickets for the field level for last Saturday's game. We headed to LA with my uncle around 1:30, stopped at Stein Mart in Valencia to return a purse I bought a couple weeks ago (and ended up getting another one in the process) and off we went.

We had a late lunch/dinner at the Prime Ticket Club, which you can only do if you have that ticket. It was buffet style with pastas, salad, meat and hot dogs to choose from. They had bags of peanuts, ice cream, and a few different types of coffee drinks and soda. We hung out in there awhile, until it started getting busier, then we decided to check out our seats. It was really nice inside! I think it looked fancier than the Stadium Club, plus the food was a little better. The Dodgers were doing warm ups on the field; stretching and doing sprints across the field. Andre Ethier came over to sign as well as another player, whose name I'm currently blanking on at the moment. Matt Kemp got extremely close and everyone was chanting "MVP", but he was focused and didn't come over.

The game was about ready to start, so we headed back to the seats. I couldn't believe how different the atmosphere feels being on the bottom level. For one thing, you have to keep your eyes open at all times, seeing as you could blink and the ball could hit you in the face at any second. I was terrified of that the entire night. There were several scares, but luckily none ever came too close to us. It's also harder to see down there since you're level with the players and all the action, it's hard to see through fans waving their arms or standing up. No one had scored until about the seventh inning, when both of them actually scored, but the game was moving along pretty quickly. My mom and I made another trip to the Prime Ticket club for more snacks; I ate SO much that day, but it was worth every calorie let me tell ya! We were just enjoying the game, when the dance cam game up which they usually do...but this time five familiar faces popped up on the screen, and my mom's like "It's the American Idols!" I started freaking out. If you don't know by now, I've been a HUGE American Idol fan since day one. Anyway, we got our camera's ready in case they showed them again, and sure enough they did. After that, I was on a mission to figure out where they were sitting. My dad always brings his binoculars, so I scanned the crowd when I found them in one of the boxes in between first and second base.

 The game was almost over, so my mom and I decided to head up to that level, since we have a pass that allows us to get basically anywhere in the stadium. My heart was pounding, crossing my fingers that I'd be able to meet them. We got to the Stadium Club level and headed down towards the suites. There were two possible entrances that they could come out at, so I stayed at one while my mom walked to the other to scope things out. She came back and let me know the details, so we decided to head back to where she was. It couldn't have been planned out any better. Almost as soon as we got back to that door, we see Joshua, Skylar, Phillip, and Hollie walking out. I think Jessica was probably visiting with her dad who just got back from serving overseas. I waved to all of them; they returned the gesture and said hi. I asked if I could get a picture with them (meaning as a group to make it extremely quick), but the security guard said they didn't have time for that, they had to get going. I understand that they're on a strict time schedule, but there was no one else around and him telling me I couldn't get a picture took longer than actually TAKING the picture. It wasn't the idols' fault at all, they all seemed kind of in the dark on what to do; they were all pretty quiet. After they said we couldn't get a picture, we just watched them walk out. Skylar, I noticed, kept looking back at me like she felt bad, but had no choice to keep going. I know they have to do as they're told. Phillip was with a girl, I'm pretty sure it was girlfriend. I just checked into it, and apparently her name is Hannah.

It was kind of a disappointment that I couldn't get a picture with them, just because we were SO close and it would've been with the top 5. However, I was just so excited to see them and say hi! It was pretty exciting.

 Plus, the Dodgers ended up winning after tying it up with Washington in the last inning.   We took a bunch of pictures after the game in front of the stadium and all that, then (after stopping at Krispy Kreme) headed home, while listening to Colton, Elise and Hollie and playing trivia. I don't think I ever laugh harder or have more than when I'm just on a car ride home with family. It's seriously one of the simple things in life that brings me so much joy and happiness.

That's all for now,
Shelby <3

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