September 17, 2011

"Friday, Friday...Gettin' Down on Friday!"

Alright, so I'm no Rebecca Black fan, but hey, it HAS become the theme song for Fridays pretty much! Anyway, today was pretty great. I only had one class, ran some errands with my mom, and hung out at home awhile. Tonight, we went to a free show at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace for Casey James. It was a lot of fun! He's an amazing musician! I really enjoyed his songs! I got some videos, but the pictures didn't come out so great, so I'm not sure if I'll post those or not.

Here was my day in pictures:
The road I travel to school..not much to look at...haha.

Old picture I found of me and Shaq back in the day!

Blooper on Friends! You could see the lighting in the background

Trying to do math, and being extremely frustrated

Me ready for the concert

Painted my nails for the occasion lol
Pictures from the Crystal Palace!

Casey James!

Casey posted this after the concert!

Well, that's all for now! I'm gonna try to finish some math, and get to sleep at a decent hour. I'll be posting videos, some past pictures, and video updates soon! :)

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  1. Hi Shelby, I came across your tweet about seeing Casey James last night, from there I ended up here. :) Just wanted to say there are a lot of Casey's fans that would love to see your pics and vids. Would you mind sharing them with us? btw, I love your blog! (I'm @CoolCJfan)