September 11, 2011


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On this very day, 10 years ago, I was 9 years old. I woke up around 7:30, got ready, and headed to the living room as I did every morning before. I'd usually watch a rerun of Laverne and Shirley, and eat my bowl of oatmeal. So, I was surprised that september morning to find that the TV was already on. When I saw what the TV screen was displaying, I was in shock. I remember asking my mom, "Is this real?" which was a silly question of course, but I didn't know what was going on. To me and many others, it looked like the scene from an action movie. My mom explained that terrorists had attacked the world trade center in New York city. I don't know if I really remember knowing exactly what that meant, but I couldnt believe it.
I was in 4th grade at the time, and headed to school as usual. As we worked on things like spelling, math, and science, we watched the news coverage. We finally broke for recess, and I remember me and a few friends trying to play a game to make us laugh, to get our minds off of the craziness of the world. We spent not too much time longer at school, before they decided to send us home early. No one was sure of what could happen next, and I remember being terrified; thinking Osama Bin Laden would just invade at any moment.
I spent the rest of the day with my grandparents, watching the news, and playing with some of the toys they had at their house. I didn't realize just how much our lives, as Americans would change after that. And the impact it had on other countries. But, it will forever live in infamy.
Today, 10 years later, ironically enough, I woke up to come to the very same place. My school and church were one in the same, and it continues to be my church today. I'm on the worship team today, and I can't think of a better way to reflect on today; worshiping God in a free nation. We may not know what's to come, but one thing's for sure is that God is in control of it all. My heart, thoughts and prayers are going out to the families and victims of that horrible day. All of us were affected, but not in the way that the people of the city were that day.

Never forget 9-11-01

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