December 22, 2011

Things I Did While I Was Sick

Last night, I got really sick. I thought it was just me feeling lazy or weak, but it turned out to be like a 24 hour flu bug. I've been up off and on all night, so the past couple days seem to have run together a little. I'm feeling a lot better now, but I'm really tired. I think I'm going to be calling it an early night. Here's what I did in that time!

  1. Watched older episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I didn't realize how much they used to fight, or how violent they could be against one another. That made things very entertaining.
 2. Slept

 3. Ate Oyster crackers and soup (with Seven Up, Hot Tea, and water)

4. IPhone
I got on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, text my friends, etc. This thing can always keep you company!

5. I started answering questions from this book of 4,000 questions for getting to know anyone and everyone. It helped pass the time!

I really hope I feel better tomorrow to go look at Holiday lights with my friends. Plus, Christmas Eve is Saturday. I can't believe it's already here. It doesn't feel like it at all. I feel like I haven't really enjoyed the season much. I've been too wrapped up in whatever to really stop and savor the moment. Now, I have to squeeze in all the movies and music in the next few days! 

That's all for now,

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