July 10, 2014

Too much time on my hands

So, this picture pretty much describes how I feel about today. Just bleh...It's just a pretty uneventful day. Although, come to think of it...As of lately, I don't mind "uneventful" as much.

I stayed home all day. By myself. And I didn't even feel too anxious about it...You know, after the "incident" and all. It was actually nice to just kind of chill and also get over feeling so paranoid and always sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering whether something is going to happen.

I watched a lot of Sara Evans' "Simply Sara" video blogs. I ate soup. I read a few blogs and the book I'm currently reading, "Nashville Wives." I also texted my best friend for a bit and my cousin.

Then, I got an email asking if I would interview the frontrunner of ACIDIC, and I'd be able to review the show, if I'm available that weekend. It sounds really exciting! I can't wait to give the band a listen and to chat with Michael.

Now, I'm just kind of sitting here and thinking about life. Doing a whole lot of nothing. Wishing I was out there doing more....The usual.

And that's all for now,
Shelby :)

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