January 28, 2013

The Weekend Review


Let me just start off by saying, it was a really good weekend! Yesterday, I slept in a bit, took my time getting ready, then watched a little Boy Meets World. I don't think there is honestly a better way to start off a weekend than hanging out with Cory, Shawn, Topanga and the rest of the gang.

We ate at one of our favorite BBQ restaurants around town, which was always good, where we talked about a whole lot of random nonsense! Then, decided to make a stop at Costco, where one of my best friends, Marissa, works! I was really excited to see her, because it has been way too long! We talk on a daily basis, but still. I've been sick and driving myself crazy, so it was good to just catch up with her for a few minutes. My parents picked up a few things they needed, then we checked out. We went to Target after that, and I got a book that I'd looked at the day before, oh, and BOY MEETS WORLD seasons 1 & 2! I'm pretty excited about that. 

We came home for a little while, I watched TV, tried to write a little, and was feeling sort of blah again, so I laid down for awhile. Pretty soon, we had to get ready to meet up with some family friends for dinner at Eureka! Burger, which was really good! We told all about the adventures we had at Disneyland and in Las Vegas, so that was cool. I also ended up running into one of my old friend/classmate's from high school. We didn't really talk that much while we were at school together, but he came out of his way to say hi and give me a hug, which I thought was really nice. It had me thinking about some of those days and how I think if I went back now, things would be a lot different. I'm a lot more confident in who I am than I was back then, and I don't think I would crumble so much at every little thing. I think I would enjoy it a lot more now and make the most out of things. But, it all happened the way it did for a reason, so for now, I'll just write about it instead. 

Tweets to think about: 

After we finished dinner, we walked outside and talked for a bit. We had thought about going to get dessert, but Bob's Big Boy was closed and nothing else really sounded all that good, so we just decided that we'd meet up for lunch today and call it a night. I was freezing by that point and couldn't wait to get in the car to warm up. 
The rest of the night, I was lost in a day dream and brainstorming, and I tend to get carried away with little moments in my life and turn them into "what if" scenarios in case my life is ever turned into a TV show/movie someday. It's good to have these things planned out. I got ready for bed, watched a little Boy Meets World and took some medicine, drifting off into sleepyland.


This morning, I had set my alarm for 8:45 to Nsync's "Celebrity". I always think that tone will make me feel like a VIP, knowing that I have somewhere important to be, but nope, I kept right on sleeping. My mom actually had to come in and tell me that I needed to get up at 9:15. Well, I jumped up, got ready and was set to go, with even a few minutes to spare. I tell you, I'm like a ninja when it comes to that. Probably all of those mornings getting up for school, and taking advantage of as much sleeping time as possible. 
We made our way to church, while I was still trying to wake up and stay alert. We found our seats, and the band had just kicked into gear. 

The sky on the way to church this morning! It was GORGEOUS!
The service was great as always! I just really love my church, I can't say that enough. After, I was able to run into a lot of people I haven't been able to talk to in awhile. That's one of the coolest things about having gone to the church all of my life! I have built so many relationships with people over the years; some who have known me since before I was even born, and others that I've gotten to know at this stage in my life. They're all part of my story and I'm so thankful for each of them. 

Found this quote on the car ride to lunch! AWWWW! :*)

We stuck around a lot longer than we usually do after the service, talking to people, then went to a restaurant called the Steak & Grape for lunch with our friends. It's actually a really nice place, even though it sounds like it would be a saloon to me. It's a really classy atmosphere, with chandeliers and fancy table lining, but not so fancy that you have to dress over the top or anything like that. I had the Mac And Cheese with Chicken, and the sauce was SO good! But, it is "food of the gods" after all. At least that's what Haley James Scott thinks ;). When we finished lunch, we headed outside for a bit, but found that it was WAY too cold to stay out for long, so we said goodbye and headed home.

The rest of the afternoon, I was feeling artsy! I think it's something about this weather; cloudy and a bit rainy, that just inspires me. It always has for whatever reason. I looked on Pinterest for a few minutes, then made some "sharpie mugs", wrote a bit, and watched the red carpet for the SAG awards. There isn't really much to report on those, but I'll be doing a separate post for that, of course. Luckily, the awards were on at the same time as the east coast, so we didn't find out who won ahead of time, and were able to watch them LIVE! Imagine that. 

After the awards were over, my parents and I had dinner at Arby's. And you know what? That was probably one of the most awesome dinners we've ever had. We ended up starting to write a parody of Taylor Swift's song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and you know what? I think it's actually sounding really good. We have to do a few more things, but I'm really impressed with our skills. Now, I'm home and thinking it's time to call it a night. I'm wiped out. My eyes have been staring at way too many screens these days. I think I've almost forgotten what the insides of my eyelids look like. It's time to be reminded.

That's all for now,

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