January 28, 2013

SAG Awards

Like I've said before, I LOVE award season. But, mainly just because I get to see my favorite stars, catch up with their lives/what they've been up to, as well as all of the incredible fashion that walks down the red carpet. Considering I haven't seen most, if any, of the movies that are ever nominated.

I got all cozied up on the couch just in time to watch the special presentation yesterday, with my bowl of caramel corn; so excited to see some of my favorite people. I watched the red carpet show on E! as always, because I love Giuliana Rancic! But, was disappointed in the fact that they did not talk to John Krasinski or Jenna Fischer, the two I was wanting to see most. I just love Giuliana, though, and how FUN she makes every single interview. I would love to be like her in the fact that she doesn't take the interviews too seriously, and knows how to be relaxed with whoever she's talking to, like you're catching up with a friend, but also knows her facts, unlike others who are on the red carpet.
There wasn't really any one person who "Wow-ed" me or that I'm necessarily pulling for on the Best Dressed List, but I did like a few looks! 

Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Lawrence
Justin Timberlake
John Krasinski
Jessica Chastain
The ladies of The Office :) This makes me really happy!
The awards have all been going about the same; same winners, which is cool! They're easy to call now. Other than that, there's not to much report. I really wish that The Office would have won for comedy ensemble, but I'm really happy for Modern Family! It's seriously one of the funniest shows. I watched religiously during the first season, but now I always forget when it's on or we're busy and just haven't recorded it. But, definitely a well-deserved cast! Another bone I have to pick is with the actor/actress in a comedy categories. Why were John and Jenna not nominated for The Office when other shows that were nominated just the same had their leads nominated in those categories? I'm just really curious about that. And after their last scene together on The Office...They should win all of the awards! Just saying.

That's really all there is to say about that,

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