January 27, 2013

The Weekly Review

Well, this week there really isn't a whole lot to update on, other than the fact that I was sick. Yup, it looks like I caught the cold bug that everyone and their brother is starting to get. As soon as we got home last Saturday, I started getting a sore throat, which I didn't think much of because I get those all the time. Sunday morning/afternoon I started getting a cough and was sniffly; it just got worse from there. So, all week long, I was taking medicine and trying to rest up to kick it out of my system. That gave me a lot of time for catching up on shows, brainstorming, reading, checking things out online, and I even edited some pictures with my new app "Overgram", while reminiscing of our trip to South Carolina. It was nice, but after awhile, I was starting to go crazy, not going anywhere and not doing anything!

Also, in the midst of not feeling well, I started my last online class at Taft, so I tried to focus long enough to read and start the homework, but I didn't get very far with it. 

Finally, around Thursday evening, I was getting my strength back to actually feel like doing something, so I went out with my parents to run errands, which was cool. And I got Chic-Fil-A, so I was a happy camper. But, after that, my brain kicked into full on working mode and I could not turn it off. I was weighing all of these possible options of getting a job or trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do from here. I just feel like I don't know what I want anymore, though....And that's kind of where the planning stops. Actually, I know exactly what I want to do and where I want to end up. The real problem is figuring out the steps to get there that stops me in my tracks, and I just end up doing nothing about it. It's not like being a lawyer where you go to law school, and you have all of your credentials, etc. Being a writer/journalist is all about making connections, the right opportunities, and obviously, the talent. I just feel like I haven't walked through the right door just yet.

Also, just a forewarning, because I haven't updated very much this week, I have A LOT of pictures in this post!! :)

Love her!!!! such a talented songwriter! 
Carrie Underwood's new video! INCREDIBLE! 

Tim McGraw is following me on Tumblr!!! Uh, WHAT?! :)
Still CANNOT believe Chris Young actually tweeted me back!! AH!
Me...Sick! Cute, right? lol

My new necklace from Disneyland! :)

Katy Perry's pop chips. SO GOOD! 

That's about all for now,

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