August 16, 2013

The Week In Review

I am so glad this week is over! Never have been my nerves been more shot, I don't think. Okay, that's a little dramatic. But, I have been extremely nervous about my drivers test, which has been one of my biggest fears for awhile now (and I also, yay!)  I'm officially growing up, so there's that. It's exciting and terrifying. I'm new to this whole, "starting to do things for myself and making my own decisions" thing, because for the most part I'm extremely dependent. I'm liking the new freedom  that I didn't realize has been waiting for me this entire time, but change always takes some getting used to. Trying to figure out what to do with it and where to go from here is a little overwhelming at the moment, but I'm getting there. I just need people to give me time. As soon as I feel like there's no pressure, I can do what I need to do.
It's not even just in my life. So many changes are going on around me, that it's hard to know what's going to happen. But, this is what I've been praying for--new doors to open and for bigger opportunities, so now it's time to just dive in. No second guessing. No doubting. No wondering whether I'm good enough or if I had what it takes. There are no other options. I'm just going to do it and make the best of it. 

Anyway, enough rambling...Wednesday I passed my drivers test at the DMV! AH! One of the greatest accomplishments in my life thus far, because of the uphill battle it has taken to get to this point. Yes, I'm 21 and I'm just now getting my license, but I just honestly haven't been like most people in that department (and many others...But, let's save that for another time). I know most kids are dying to have their license at 16, but I was never like that. When I started thinking I was ready (around 17) and wanted to try it out more, my grandma was really sick; we were dealing with a lot of family issues and there was no time to focus on that. A couple years passed, and it has just been a matter of getting to it. I got so used to just going with friends or being with my family that I never really needed it, exactly. It seems like there was always something getting in the way, or I was always coming up with an excuse to put it off. This year, I said NO MORE. It was time to get down to business. It seems like everyone had also made it their business too, to make sure that I get it, which I think annoyed me more, so I just tried to do the opposite. Why does it hurt them if I have it or not? I'm pretty sure they weren't doing it to annoy me or anything like that, they just care a lot. But, I've found that when people let me go at my own pace, things go a lot better and much smoother from where I'm standing.
To my surprise, the test actually wasn't that bad. I know that God was watching over me the entire time! I had a lot of prayers and support from a couple close friends, though I didn't tell many, because I didn't want to feel that pressure, like everyone was just waiting to hear how I did. It took a load off of me in doing that.
It's so weird to think that I can officially drive anywhere I want now by myself, though I haven't been able to just yet, but I'm really looking forward to that moment of independence.
After my drivers test, I ran some errands with my mom; went to the bank and also opened up my own checking/savings from the kiddie one I had and got my own debit card. I know those don't sound like big things to the average person, but I think I'm a bit slower to the growing up thing than most. You can only delay it for so long, and I'm pumped about it. I feel so free! So many grown up things in one day...I don't even know what to do with myself!! :0

I also got to hang out with one of my best friends this week! We went to our outdoor shopping center, The Marketplace; had lunch and did a little shopping. We went to Johnny Rockets for lunch, which was tasty! I also love the selection of 50s music they play...It always makes me feel like I've been able to time travel to the time of Happy Days. I also have a thing for diners, if you haven't caught on before. So, we ate and talked about life--how we're growing up and it needs to stop, our plans coming up with school and schedules, our families, and a little of everything in between. I love just being able to lay it all out there and get it off my chest. There's nothing better than gabbing with friends.
When we finished eating, we went to Charming Charlie's, which I imagine Heaven will look a lot like. We spent a long while in there, scouring every nook and cranny filled with jewelry, clothes, and purses; daydreaming of scenarios when I'd be able to wear whatever I found. I wanted one of everything, but luckily, I didn't have the money for that, so I just settled for a ring that has "love" spelled out on it and was super cheap. Taylor Swift had one like it a few years back and I had always looked for one like it, and finally found the perfect one. Everything is so reasonable! I've thought about applying there, but I think most of my paycheck would end up going right back to the store, when I'm trying to save A LOT, so I don't think that's such a great idea right now.
We went to Ulta, walking up and down the aisles, where I found a great shade of red lipstick! It comes out a little more pink, but I still love it. 
Marissa and I grabbed drinks from Starbucks after that, because we were dying of thirst, then went to Target, where I walked out empty handed once again. I have a Taylor Swift show coming up very soon, so I have to save what money I do have for it. Target will always be there, you know? After we shopped for a few hours, we came back to my house and watched an episode of Friends and had started watching Made of Honor, when Marissa had to go. Such a fun day! And hopefully it isn't so long before I see her next time.

My aunt visits with an older lady at a retirement home here in town, and she has for the last several years. They worked together at one of her old jobs, and they just kept in contact after that. She's a distant relative of the queen, and when my aunt told her that I was interested in the royal family too, she said she wanted to meet me. After a couple weeks of planning, I was finally able to have dinner with her last night. First off, it was not the kind of "home" I was expecting; it resembled more of a hotel, which I really liked. We had chicken, pit peef, potatoes, carrots, and someone had brought in a champagne cake. It was all so yummy! Betsy also told me SO much about the royal family, and I mean, she knows just about everything! I'm fascinated by the fact that she still remembers everything; who's with who, what they did, etc. I really enjoyed being able to talk with her. She was so sweet. I can't wait to go back and hear more. She even gave me a stack of magazines (pictured above) FROM London that she subscribes to! I'm so excited to start reading through them to learn more about the royals.
After we left, I went to the doctor with my aunt, and we stopped at F.Y.E, which has a ton of music and DVD's, new and used. My aunt ended up spoiling me with lots of music, and I even took all of her new music that was in the car to burn on my computer. I will definitely be busy for quite some time listening to all of it. I listen to and appreciate just about everything that's out there, so it'll give me a variety now! I'll be sure to post those later, along with my playlist for the week!


Other than that, I've been watching TV, doing a little writing, and a whole lot of nothing. My focus has been on my driving test for most of the summer, so now that that's taken care of...I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the time. I guess I move to the next step of getting a job and throwing myself into school; planning all the little details in between.

Things are good, and they're getting better! Sometimes you just have to remind yourself of that. And you have to keep working toward what you really want, no matter how far off in the distance it may seem.

That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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