April 21, 2013

Last Saturday

Last Saturday was wonderful! I just really wish that more days could be like it. I was able to sleep in, did some things around the house, and a little later our family came over for dinner! We had ribs, salad, bread, desserts, etc. I love having big family gatherings, but we tend to not have them as often as I'd like, just due to schedules and life, because everyone is so busy. You all know how that can be, I'm sure. Anyway, I got to hang out with my cousin, Carissa, and we talked a lot about some big changes coming up in both of our lives...Hers with her boyfriend, and their future together, and mine with working towards becoming an entertainment journalist/writer down the road and some of the projects I'm involved with right now. 
We decided to take a walk after dinner, because the weather was incredible, and it gave us a chance to get away for a bit, since everyone else was talking or watching whatever game was on at the time. It reminded me so much of when we were little, and we used to daydream and pretend what life would end up like. As a kid, you have quite the imagination, and I guess I still do, which is where I am where I am. We talked about our "husbands" and jobs...And it's funny to be having a full circle moment. Although, I'm nowhere near getting married and I don't have a job. I guess this is how I thought my life would turn out or I see that I fit what's going on for right now; studying and still dreaming impossible dreams.While other girls are finding their "match", I'm just focusing on my dream and I'm the closest that I've ever been, so why would I let anything get in the way of that now or shift my focus? It's cool to see how far both of us have come and I think we're going to end up where we're supposed to be. 
We came back to my house and had dessert with the rest of the fam and hung out for awhile; we took pictures, talked, and of course, all of us sat around the table, while looking at our iphones and ipads. Typical night! HA!
Later that night, I also found myself thinking about the future (AGAIN...Because I don't do that enough, right?) and how I want my life to be. Most importantly, who do I want to be? All of a sudden, I was restless, trying to figure everything out in that moment, which is obviously impossible, and had some trouble getting to sleep. I have a rough time with change, if you couldn't tell before. 
All in all, it was a fabulous day and helped me gain some perspective, which I can always use :)

That's all for now,

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