April 14, 2013

April Favorites

1. Shania Twain// After seeing her in Vegas, I went a little crazy with her merchandise at the store. I had to get the program since you can't take pictures inside, loved her Shania Kids Can t-shirt (the sweatshirt was too much), and her perfume, which has become my "go-to" fragrance.

2. Bare Essentials makeup kit//My parents surprised me with this kit one afternoon, and I was so excited. It came with foundation, primer, powder compact, a brush, lipgloss, and mascara, all in a spiffy little pouch. Great products at a great price!

3. Notebooks// you all know how much I love notebooks, and Target has some incredible ones as of lately. I'm really loving the patterned ones from Chronicle books. I love the texture, and they're great for writing ideas down that I want to save and keep nice and neat. I also love the really tiny notebooks with the words "dream, imagine, wish" on them. They're super handy to organize thoughts and I carry them with me all the time.

4. Polaroid picture effects// I love polaroid cameras and pictures; always have from the time that I was young. Of course, this day in age, with so many apps, you can actually do that to any picture and you don't need a polaroid camera to do it. I use Lo-Mob and there are a ton of different Polaroid filters to choose from; sizes, colors, etc. They make anything look fun!

5. The Band Perry's new CD, "Pioneer"// I LOVE The Band Perry, and I think I have become even more of a fan with this album. Most of their songs are edgy and fun to rock out to, but I have to say that my absolute favorite is the sweet and sentimental ballad, "I Saw The Light." It's about finding the one, and I really hope that someday I find the right guy to play it at my wedding. It's also a plus that you can get the exclusive version at Target, which has four bonus songs and is autographed :)

6. Keith Urban's Light The Fuse Tour// I haven't actually seen the show yet, but I already know that it will be a favorite, because we are seeing it at The Hollywood Bowl. FREAKING OUT! I've always wanted to see a show there, and now I get to see one of my favorite artists.

7. Dodgers// Baseball season is back, which means so are the Dodgers. It's going to be one heck of a year for them; switching owners, doing some renovations, and a lot of other exciting things. They're off to a pretty good start, and I am SO excited about all of the games coming up with friends and family. Those are some of my favorite memories.

8. Quote// If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present. Rachel of Gloriana posted this on Instagram, when I happened to see it, it just really hit home. I've been struggling with that, so it just helped me see things a bit clearer at the moment.

10. Lauren Conrad Fringe Boots// I got these on sale at Kohl's, because they went great with the outfit I was wearing to the Shania Twain concert. Well, I absolutely love them! Now, I wear them any chance I get, and they actually go with a lot more than I realized; you can dress them up or wear them with something casual, and they're great in all weather.

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