March 1, 2013

Late Night Thoughts

*my head is throbbing and has been for the past couple weeks it feels like. I just want to feel good again!

*i'm going to try to take a break from Twitter and Facebook, because I need to spend my time doing other things!

*i'm so excited for summer! I'm looking forward to the warm weather that will start this weekend.

*i spent way too much time on Pinterest day looking up images or North/South Carolina, summer, and other style ideas!

*i absolutely love and adore all of my friends; anyone who has ever been there for me when I've needed someone, said a prayer for me or my family during a hard time, made an initiative to keep the friendship alive even though it's hard, reached out to me when i haven't put myself out there, sent me a card in the mail for my birthday or whatever occasion, listened to ramblings of my favorite TV shows or latest obsession, or someone who has given me a shoulder to cry on when its been a hard day... Thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me and how much I love you for it. You know who you are :)

*i finished reading Safe Haven again this week! I loved it more the second time!

*i wish Steve Carell was one of my uncle's! I think he'd fit in with our family just fine!

*i graduate very, very soon... And I'm just hoping I don't pull a Lizzie McGuire of sorts....

*i want a basket for my bike!

*i am so blessed. So many times I'm rushing and worrying that I can't just see what is happening right before my eyes! ~deep breath~ life is good and God is always good, even when we don't see that!

That's all folks,

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