February 27, 2013

Random Facts

I'm sick in bed, again... So, I thought I'd post random facts about myself and just that come to mind....

*i hate fruit when it's ripe!
*the thought of having to take NyQuil kind of makes me want to gag
*i cry more over fictional characters in movies, TV, and books more than I do with stuff that happens in my own life
*boy meets world and Full House make everything better
*i absolutely hate talking on the phone, mainly because I feel so awkward, like I can't think of anything to say...I've had to make more phone calls lately and it's making me start to question my career choice! HA!
*if I was to date a celebrity, I'd date Nick Jonas
*Josh Duhamel, Ian Somerhalder and Patrick Dempsey are my top "older guy" crushes!
*i want to be best friends with Taylor Swift
*if I ever meet John Stamos, I think my life would complete. I'd also probably blurt out something stupid, like, "will you pretend to be my uncle Jesse?"
*i love antiques, and watch Jeopardy every night... Basically I'm like an 80 year old at heart
* I want to move to South or North Carolina --the more I read Nicholas Sparks books, the more I fall in love with i. 
* i need to start vlogging more
* my guitar's name is daisy-It's a Takamine, Grand Ole Opry model
* i want to live in a small town. Well, I'd like to have a vacation spot that involves a small town...I still need some city life.
* Built of Barnwood is an awesome place with home goods and other items of TVD (also ran by Ian Somerhalder, his brother, nephew and sister-in-law)

 * i'm running out of interesting things to tell you....

That's all for now,

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