February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! Which is not something you hear a lot of people say these days, including my friends. Sometimes, yes, I get bitter about it, because of how annoying the media is with its mushy commercials and giving the impression that you HAVE to have a "Valentine" if you want to celebrate the day, sort of thing. But, overall, I love what it represents. I've always loved the creativity behind those sweet sentimental gifts people give one another, like cards and treats or even the date ideas that boyfriends surprise their girlfriends with. However, lately, it has turned into one crazy, ridiculously expensive holiday for no apparent reason at all, other than money.

With all of that aside, I love the fact that no Valentine's days I've experienced have ever been the same. There have been times that I've spent the day with my parents going out of town, another that I spent at the hospital and at dinner with my entire family (when my grandma was really sick), going to the movies with my cousin to see Valentine's Day, and now this one, where I spent it with a mixture of people. One of these days, I would like to have an official Valentine... Like, Nick Jonas or someone...But, until then, I'm just enjoying the people that are in my life right now; having the time of my life.

So, last Thursday, I woke up at decent hour; got ready, had coffee, got a few things done, and headed out for a fun day with my mom. We went to The Marketplace, picked up our tickets for the movie, Safe Haven, then had lunch at Johnny Rocket's. We don't go there very often, because they're kind of expensive for the quality of food that it is, but this time we were pleasantly surprised. The burgers were really good and the prices weren't all that bad. If you haven't caught on before..I love diners. I would love to have my own someday; just throwing that out there. They had 50s music playing, while my mom talked about South Carolina and other random thoughts that came up, and pretty soon, our food came. We ate, then shortly after, decided to walk to Rite Aid to get some candy before the movies. I decided to keep with a theme and get some of the Valentine candy that was on sale; a couple boxes of chocolates with animals on top and a plastic lip lollipop.
We headed back to the theater, because it was getting closer to showtime, and I was getting anxious. We had to wait a little while once inside, but I kept myself occupied with candy and a few of the bonus features they were showing on screen. Just as the show was about to start, the screen froze and when it actually started...There were close to 30 minutes of previews, which I was so not in the mood for. Eventually the movie started, and within the first five minutes, I already knew I was going to love it. I had my doubts about Julianne Hough playing Katie, but after seeing her in action, I think she was totally perfect for the role. She was very toned down from most of the other roles that she has played, and she really told the story well. I always thought Josh was perfect for the role; one, because he fits the description or could fit it well enough, and two, because I've just always really loved him. Him and Julianne had great chemistry on screen together. It is definitely my new favorite.

We came home, and I was just still in awe of the movie; playing back scenes in my head and just feeling really good! I love movies that just put you in a giddy mood and that make you feel inspired; that's what the magic of movies should be all about. I watched a few interviews of Josh, Julianne and Nicholas Sparks that I had recorded and I was so in the mood to see the movie again, especially after that.
Not much later, I had to go to practice at church for the worship team, so my mom dropped me off. I waited awhile before most of the team showed up, then we got started. There were only two singers this week, including me, so it was just us practicing, which actually worked out pretty well. We went over a couple songs, which I'm still struggling with because they're in a different key, and trying to find the part was a bit difficult. I worked with the worship leader on it for a few minutes, but by the time we started, I was still trying to find it again. We came to the conclusion that I'll be one of the singers this week...So, I'm really hoping I can figure something out to make it sound decent enough for the time being, but I'm still really nervous and not feeling comfortable with the songs.
Practice didn't last long, and I was able to catch up or say hi to a few people that I don't always get to, for a few minutes, which was nice. I miss having that fellowship with everyone each week. I need to get back into it, but trying to get back into the swing of things is always the hardest part.
After practice, I came home and one of my best friends came over. We talked for a little while, catching up, of course; I was venting, then we decided to grab food. I was starving and in a really weird mood, so off we went. The first restaurant we went to had a really long line, so we ended up at Panda Express, then brought food back to my house, while my parents went out. We got home in time to watch The Office, while eating our Chinese food and it was perfect. Although, I have to say The Office is really starting to worry me with what they're doing to Jim and Pam...I mean, c'mon, it's the last season. But, John and Jenna sure know how to make it super realistic and believable.

Marissa brought me chocolates!!!!! :)
After The Office ended, Marissa and I continued to talk, then caught the ending of The Wedding Planner. We can always talk and not run out of anything to say, which I love. She stayed a little bit later than usual, because she came over later, and we came to the conclusion that one of these days she just needs to spend the night. DUH! I walked her out to her car, then decided to hit the hay pretty soon after.
Then, I got really SICK once again. I was starting to feel bad when I went to bed and thought it would eventually go away, but it didn't. I was up awhile, throwing up a couple times, and feeling miserable, then finally went to sleep.

It was a really great day/night! I look forward to Valentine's Day next year too :)


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