February 20, 2013

Night Owl

You know... I'm a very strange creature. I guess I always have been, but the older I get, the more I'm aware of this.

All throughout the day, I'm tired and mopey, then night falls and I'm wide awake. All of a sudden, I get these brilliant ideas for stories or posts for my blog or what I can do for another video. I brainstorm all day, trying to get into that creative zone and nothing. Then, midnight hits and I'm ready for all of the ideas in the world and I'm ready to tackle that project I've been thinking about for days.... My life has always worked this way. Even as a child (around the age of 4-5), I was a night owl... During the school week, I was up until 11 or midnight, and my grades were perfectly fine. So, my parents never cared that much, and especially because of the hours my dad worked, I was able to spend more time with him.

I have several things that I have to do tomorrow that will take my attention and focus and energy... So, I should probably get to bed soon, but I've decided to start watching videos of Ian Somerhalder on YouTube and once again... Brainstorming. But really, I shall get ready for bed, possibly watch the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and lie in bed, staring at the ceiling several hours before falling asleep.

Should be fun!


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