January 22, 2013


I'm still sick! If anything, I feel worse than I did yesterday. My cough is horrible and my throat is SO sore. I've been trying to take it easy and take medicine, so we'll see if I can kick it before long!

So far, I've watched Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, so I'm all caught up on shows I missed last week. Now, I'm going to start reading for my California History class, since it's the only class I'll be taking this semester. But, this has also given me plenty of time to worry and create problems that were never even there. Go me! It's like I still have no idea what opportunities I want to take this semester since I have so much free time... Internships have probably closed for this time around, so I can't really just pick one of those. I've been thinking about getting a job at a yogurt shop that's getting ready to open, but I'm wondering...Is that really going to get me any closer to where I want or need to be? And then I'm back at square one!


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