January 10, 2013

People's Choice Awards 2013

It's that time of year again, people! The red carpets are being rolled out and the stars are making their entrances. Last night was the People's Choice Awards; I had signed up to be a seat filler, but didn't get called...I'm a little bitter about that, but it's okay. If you know me at all...You know how much I love award shows! I love seeing everyone get all dressed up and my favorite stars talking about their latest projects or even just who they're wearing if they aren't doing anything at the moment.

I study the red carpets as if I'm going to have to take a test on it, and sometimes I end up just focusing on the journalists; the questions they ask, their expressions, their body language, etc. If I want to have their job someday, I have to learn from their weaknesses and their strengths, then make it my own. I've learned how important it is to KNOW what you're talking about. What a concept. Do your homework; know some of their background info, what they're nominated for, some of the awards they've won in the past, that sort of thing! It's not that hard. Also, don't turn it into all about you. If you feel like you need to say something, at least wait until after the celebrity is done talking to comment. It's really just common courtesy, but I guess I have a lot to learn about being in Hollywood.

I was surprised to see so many fresh/spring looks! Everyone looked gorgeous, but I couldn't believe how many bright colors were coming down the red carpet. The stars were acting like it was spring, and it's definitely not. I was hoping to see longer dresses and dark tones like blacks, blues, deep reds, etc. It'll be interesting to see what people wear the rest of award season. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from last night: 

I thought the awards show itself was pretty good. Kaley Cuoco was a great host! She kept it fun, and wasn't too over the top and cheesy with the jokes, like some of the other presenters tended to be. But it always disappoints me with the fact that all of the winners know that they're going to be accepting an award. You can always tell just by who's in the audience for the most part. I always love to see that candid moment when the star finds out that they've just won their very first award or maybe it's their millionth and they're still just as excited.  I was pretty happy with most of the winners (considering I don't watch a ton of the shows that were nominated, etc), but I just really wish The Vampire Diaries would have won something. They have such an extraordinary cast, and the story lines they are able to deliver week after week (even being a show about vampires) and make it all so believable is so incredible to me. I hope they'll get the recognition they deserve sometime very soon.
As for the musical performances, I was bored. Really, of all the people out there and nominated...Christina, Jason, and Alicia?! I turned the channel during Alicia...She's great. But, how many times can you say, "This girl is on fire..." before it realllllly gets on your nerves, you know?

My favorite part of the show was when Sandra Bullock was awarded the very first Humanitarian award. It was so inspiring to see that she had given so much of her money and was so willing to help when those natural disasters took place with Hurricane Katrina. The looks on the faces of those kids at the school she had helped rebuild truly touched my heart and made me realize how blessed I am to have all that I do. We can all help in some way, and it started stirring in me that I want to and need to help out others, the way that people have helped me out, whether just with an encouraging word or sacrificing their time. The sincerity of that moment was the least unscripted, even though she knew she would be accepting the award. I have even more respect for her after that. Not only is she a phenomenal actress, but she also has such a humble spirit.

I do love the fact that it's fan voted. We're the ones that buy the CD's, watch the TV shows, and check out the movies in theaters, so our voice should be heard. It may not be what you want, but you still have a chance to vote and that's fun. It feels a little more laid back and not quite as stuffy and boring as some awards tend to be.

Who were you glad to see win? Who do you wish would have? Best dressed? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.


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