January 8, 2013

Birthday Challenge #3

This "challenge" wasn't necessarily a fun one, but these challenges don't necessarily have to be that all the time. It's about getting stuff done that you've been putting off, and that's exactly what I did yesterday. For the past several months my old room has turned into one giant mess of a closet, and because my dad has been wanting to use it for some of his stuff, I've needed to clean it and organize my stuff.
I finally decided to tackle it! I started around 11 or so, working through most of the day, and pausing for a few breaks like lunch and watching Ellen. I watched The Office on Netflix and was able to get it all done for the most part, until dinner. I was really not feeling motivated to finish, because I find that sometimes that's the hardest part, when you can see the finish line, but you're still going through the process. I decided to start up again around 11:30 or so at night, and finished close to one. I felt really accomplished.
I wasn't really able to get rid of a ton of stuff like I would have liked, but I was able to fit it all back in my closet, which was a miracle in itself. I can even open and close the door! The real task will be trying to actually find something to wear, especially if I have something specific in mind, but for the time being...This will work great!


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