October 28, 2012

The Weekly Review

Yet another week has gone by, and there are a few details to share! As we get further into the school year, things are starting to drag on a little more, yet speed by at the same time. It's quite complicated, if you ask me. Anyway, it was a good week filled with new Taylor Swift music and appearances, a new car and a few things in between, so here's the weekly review!

I spent most of my morning cramming math homework in, nearly pulling my hair out or throwing something across the room, until I decided I couldn't take it anymore, and got ready for the day. I painted my nails with red polish, in honor of Taylor Swift's new CD, and added a few other red items to my wardrobe that day. My mom came home from her doctor's appointment, and after only a few minutes, we were out the door to buy Red. We arrived at Target, and it was the moment I had been waiting for. We rushed to the entertainment department, and at first glance, it looked like they didn't have it, because that store is notorious for not having things that we're looking for. I glanced down a couple rows, and there it was shining in all of its glory. I picked up my copy, payed for it, and we were on our way, rocking out to it, as we headed to the grocery store.
The rest of the afternoon was less than glamorous. In fact, it included several meltdowns and a few shrieks into a pillow. The more problems of math I started working out, it became more about how my life was flashing before my eyes, and I felt like I would be stuck in school forever. I cried on my mom's shoulder, and felt a little better after that. I felt stupid for making it such a big deal, but to me, when this is what I'm dealing with right now, it is a big deal. I decided to give homework a rest after that to catch my breath, then FINALLY listened to Taylor's new album and started editing a video that my friend and I had worked on.

My friend, Michele, usually picks me up at 9:00, but she was still in a meeting, so she picked me up a bit later. I was dreading going to school, and still wasn't feeling well, so I was not wanting to go at all. I passed the time by watching some of the Pretty Little Liar marathon on ABC Family, anticipating the Halloween episode that night. AH!

Michele picked me up, and we drove to school, and somehow ended up on the topic of school and feeling stuck. Once again, I'm not the only who is trying to figure everything out with the future, wondering what it holds and whether I'm on the right track or not. We talked about losing hope and doubting God, trying to handle things on our own, and how it's time to believe that big things are going to happen again. God knows the very thing that we need and when we need it. It was everything that my heart needed to express. I hate feel hopeless and not putting my trust in God that He's going to change things around. That stirred some ideas in me, which was something I hadn't felt in awhile.
Class was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary, which I'm craving right now. I just want a little excitement. Nothing bad or for anyone around me to experience pain or a devastating time in their life, but I want an adventure. I want to get lost in a city I've never been to and talk to strangers. I do not, however, want to sit in a room full of creative writing students talking about a bunch of wacky stories and poems for the 18,000th time.
I came home, finished homework, and just relaxed. Then, I had to submit a story or poem for my last critique in creative writing. I tore up my room looking for something I'd already written and searched just about every file on my computer for something in the works. I finally threw something together, but  I'm sure it isn't my best work. I'm sure they'll let me know, though ;). Luckily, I was feeling a bit better after the previous dealings the day before. And I dedicated the rest of my night to watching the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, while eating Twizzlers and Starbursts on my bed. It was glorious!

I love how much of a "fan girl" Sophia is for PLL

This episode was crazy.
Ah, Wednesday, how I love thee. This is usually my catch up/relax day. I woke up, watched TV, did some homework, stayed in my pj's, went for a bike ride, and did nothing some more. It was nice!
That night, I went with my parents out to our Toyota car dealership just to look at cars, and of course, we listened to the new Taylor Swift CD on the way out there.
We made our way through the parking lot of cars, joking and laughing with one another, and shivering because it was SO COLD! Winter is definitely right around the corner. I'm liking it. I was just glad I was finally able to wear one of my favorite sweaters.

Once again, I carpooled with Michele to Taft for class. I went to the library to kill time, after we made it to school, and caught up with my friend, Amanda. We talked about our creative writing class, as always, and our majors; what we hope to do with them. We got a little work done, but a majority was spent talking. I was totally okay with that, though.
Class was the same, and I think I probably tuned out most of the time, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
My mom had text me to eat without her once I got home, so I did. She was at Toyota, dealing with car stuff, so I was on my own for the rest of the afternoon. I did some homework, watched a lot of TV, and even started working on my story that Rebecca and I are working on. It was a pretty productive afternoon, and then I just started getting downright bored. My mom was texting me updates of how things were going down at the dealership, so that was keeping me entertained for awhile.
Haha my mom is the white bubble. She's awesome!  And that is the name of our car now :)
My mom finally came home around 7:30 or so, with a brand new car! We touched up our makeup, got ready, then met my dad back at the car dealership. After that was taken care of, we had dinner at Chipotle. I don't think it has ever tasted so good. Just kidding, it totally has, but I was hungry.
I came home, got ready for bed, and watched The Vampire Diaries. I think I was mainly so excited about this episode in order to get to next week's, because there is supposed to be a lot of magic between Damon and Elena. ;) I'm all for that!

My mom and I had planned to wake up early, go to breakfast and run some errands before 1:00. Well, there ended up being a lot of things my mom had to take care of before then, so we didn't leave until 11, which messed things up a bit. I, instead spent my morning scrapbooking some things from my favorite fashion magazines. Yup, I'm a nerd! We ran our errands and decided to have lunch at Panera since it was close by. I had broccoli cheese soup and half a Turkey sandwich, which was delicious. I'm so glad it's finally fall, and I can order hot meals like that, and not look crazy.
Someone came by our house around 1, to look at a couch we were selling, and they ended up wanting it, which was great. I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on recorded Taylor Swift appearances, drinking hot tea, and getting on Tumblr/WeHeartIt.
Later on that night, we met my dad for dinner at Chic-Fil-A, where we talked about making arrangements for a day trip with my grandparents on Saturday and of course, the ever present topic, Taylor Swift. I am in the family, after all. A five minute conversation with me? She's bound to come  up somehow; it's inevitable.
I had wanted to go to bed possibly a little earlier, but that didn't happen. I watched Gossip Girl, a few minutes of Don't Look Under The Bed, and fell asleep around 2 or so a.m.

I decided to have a photoshoot with the pumpkins because I was bored....

What a week! All good stuff. That's all for now,
Shelby :)

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