November 3, 2012


Yesterday started out like any other day. I woke up, put my make up on, did my devotion and waited for my friend, Michele, to pick me up. Around 9:15 or so, we headed to Taft. We talked about a variety of topics including counselor meetings. She had just had hers the day before, and I was getting ready to have mine. I was nervous that once again I would have all of these classes to add to the next semester, setting me back further than I wanted to be. We arrived on campus; she headed to class, and I went to the front office to wait for my counselor to get me. It took a few minutes before she came, so once again, I just looked at my phone and observed the people that were around.

I made my way into her office, sat down, and she immediately started looking through my transcript and all of the classes I was taking this semester. She scribbled down numbers and started checking things off on the list, and said, "You're qualified to apply for graduation!" My heart immediately started pumping with excitement. Finally, the words I'd been waiting to hear. She handed me the application to start filling out as she printed off a few things for what I'll need to transfer. I'll still need to take one class in the spring semester in order to transfer, but that won't be bad at all. I'm hoping to take something like creative writing again or just another easy online class, so I won't have to go to the campus very often. I'll be able to graduate May 24 and start classes at the local university in August, if all goes according to plan. But, I feel like I've been in this position before, and then something always comes up to push me back. Like that expression, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." This is the farthest I've ever gotten in the process, though, so I choose to believe that it's all going to work out and I'm one step closer to graduation and living out a career I've always dreamed about.
I filled out a form for graduation, receiving my diploma and decided that I would go through with the ceremony. It should be fun! I mean, after all the time and effort I've put into it, I deserve that celebration. I can't wait for it either.

I called my mom as soon as I got out of the appointment to go over a few of the things my counselor had told me, and just because I was way too excited not to share the news! I went into the library to hang out with my friend, Amanda before our creative writing class. We talked about some of the "interesting" stories people in our class had submitted and a few other random things that came up. Then, headed over to the classroom when it was time. We took our seats with our other friend, Toni, at our usual spot and looked over some of our critiques, before class started. You just never know what kinds of things people are going to write, so that's the most nerve-racking part.
My short narrative got some pretty positive feedback, which I was happy about. The professor also gave our row a hard time, when it came to my piece, as well as giving an analogy of what he pictured while reading my poem. Me, in an empty white room looking extremely sad, while Toni and Amanda pass me by in their caps and gowns, earning degrees, while I'm standing in the same position. If I hadn't just found out about graduation, I probably would've been depressed about the mention of that, but this time I laughed it off. Picturing it myself was pretty hilarious!

After class, I met Michele at her car and headed back to town. I filled her in on the news, and she was so excited for me! I felt so good about all of it, like I'm finally on my way. I was reminded of God's goodness and how everything does always work out, so I should just enjoy whatever season I'm in, instead of trying to rush it all. We also talked about my mom's surgery coming up on Thursday, and how I'm really going to have to step up with chores around the house. I'm not used to doing anything, so this is going to be a stretch/learning experience for me. I'm nervous about it, to be honest. But, Michele said if I need any help, to call her, which is comforting.
I made it back to my house, ate lunch quickly, then off to the Bakersfield Art Museum my mom and I went.

I had only been to the museum a couple times for weddings, but I'd never been inside to actually look at the artwork. I couldn't believe how cool everything actually was! The way everyone comes up with such detail and the crazy, off the wall ideas is incredible. There were a lot of pieces made out of books, whether it was a painting or some sort of sculpture. Who knew you could even do such things with them?! It was a fun time. Although, I didn't care for the whispering the entire time. It was so empty in there, but it's so awkward if your conversation echoes HAHA! There's even a beautiful garden in back, complete with a gazebo and a bunch of different flowers. It was so nice just walking around, admiring everything.

Across the street, there were a couple huge antique stores that I wanted to check out. My mom and I never got a chance to do our special "fall day" because it hasn't felt like fall exactly, and now she's going to be down for awhile, so we thought we'd do a little bit yesterday. I just love antique stores, which is funny, because when my grandma used to take me to them all the time when I was younger, I got so tired of them. This one had so many neat treasures! I love guessing who might've owned them or what their story had been, or even where the person who owned the item was from! 

I really want to find a case like this! 
Vintage cameras are the coolest decorations!

My mom and I ran a few more errands, grabbed some tea from Chic-Fil-A, went to Kohl's to pick up a few things and headed home. It was a pretty chill afternoon, then we had to run some errands with my dad that night. The rest of the night we just watched TV, and I did some homework. Nothing too crazy, you know! I worked on homework, and tried to catch up on some things that will be due pretty soon that I've waited until the last minute on. 

That's all for now,

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