August 2, 2012


Ah! It's been awhile, other than the last post about the American Idol concert! Things have been pretty relaxed for the most part. Let's do a short recap of the past couple weeks, shall we?

  • I finished my math class and passed with an A!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! SO glad it's done.
  • I've been writing a lot.
  • Looking up a lot of American Idol/Colton videos because I basically have no life and am living vicariously through them.
  • Had dinner with my aunt, uncle and grandpa to celebrate and thank my aunt for all of her help with my math class. They came back over to our house to watch the Olympics and hang out for a bit. There was a lot of laughing involved. 
  • I sang at church for the first time in awhile on Sunday. It was really good to be back with everyone, singing and just being around believers. It was such a wonderful message about God moments in our lives too. Ya know, those moments when God's bigger plan invades what you were thinking and planning up all along. Yeah, those. I'm ready for mine any time now.
  • I found a video that me, my cousin, aunt and mom are in from the American Idol finale...Let me just mention, it's an interview with Colton. Cue the fan-girling! I took a lot of screen caps. ;)
  • I've been bike riding, sitting on the couch practically all day, watching TV, and whatever other random thing comes to mind. It feels like I'm just killing time before bed. 
  • I've also been listening to more Christian music lately. After Catalyst, I got into people like Gungor, but I'm not usually a fan of Christian music. Some of it just all tends to sound the same or doesn't really hit me like worship. But, Colton completely changed my mind about that with some of his songs and the approach he has on his new song "Never Gone." 

Colton inspired outfit

Yeah, this tweet pretty much made him even more awesome! He's a Disney movie nerd like me....
Really great book! 

 Can you spot me?!?!?! You have no idea how excited I was to see this interview! :)

I'm pretty sure this was either right after we'd gotten our picture together or after he signed my cousin's arm! 
You can see the top of my head between Jessica and Phillip! Cool, because I didn't get a picture with either of them!
Bought Gloriana's new CD! LOVE IT! I've never been a huge fan of theirs. They're cool, but not a big deal to me. This CD really shows a lot of growth for them. 
 I was asking a bunch of random things, hoping he'd respond. Then, I started responding to texts or tweets from other people, when I saw the little bar at the top flash "@CDixonAI11--" My heart pretty much stopped right about there. sjg/brjgb/jbrgkjrgj rlgnlrgbbrgjb...I don't even know what to say. Maybe now this can give me a nickname with our love for Disney movies.
Started listening to this group the other day! Love them!

That's basically all for now,
Shelby :)

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